Thursday, October 11, 2012

Busy busy!!!

I have been busy crafting and creating....and in between those fun pursuits there has been lots of volleyball:


 I got a quilt back from Kristie who does my machine quilting for me.  And no, I didn't make this quilt but I love it.  I need to find the perfect binding fabric and get it bound...along with the other half a dozen quilts that I have done but for the bindings.....

 I've knit this about 2 weeks I might add.  And I have 2 more sweaters on the needles that I'm hoping to have done this weekend/early next week.  This one just might be my most favorite sweater yet - Aidez.  Looks complicated but is very quick and easily memorized.

And I'm hoping to put the finishing touches on Jessie's room in the next couple of days (curtains and a wall hanging) and then I can show you more.  I think we've finally nailed it in her room on the colors and reflecting her bright, bubbly personality.  We will have a teenager in just 2 short months (yikes) and I think this room is a keepr for her for a while anyhow.  But first, I have to get her to clean  her room so I can take some pictures.  
We are off at some point this weekend for a steer sale in PA to buy Tyler's steer.  Hard to believe that next year he will be showing steers, heifers and pigs right along with Jessie.  Where has the time gone??????