Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Or maybe this post title should be this is my stress reliever this winter?

Yes, I knit another sweater...in a matter of weeks.

This was another test knit for Thea, and I think I'm going to break my 1 cardinal knitting rule - never knit the same sweater twice.

Because this sweater is about perfect!

I was a little hesitant - it's a shorter sweater designed to hid the dreaded muffin top.  And I'm not a fan of shorter sweaters.

But with the ribbing, the cable, the long sleeves and the cowl, I was hooked on this one.

So much so, I wore it Friday night.  I wore it Saturday all. day. long.  I thought about wearing it on Sunday to work on the new barn we are putting up (more on that later) but common sense prevailed.  So I wore it Monday as well.

I didn't change the pattern at all.  It's very flattering as written, but could easily be made longer with some waist shaping if you prefer.  I also could have possibly  gone down to a size 34 and had a more fitted sweater, but I wasn't willing to take that gamble.

Details - Chambord by Thea Coleman
Yarn - Felted Tweed Aran
Size - 36
Mods - none

Now it's back to working on the barn 24/7 when we aren't a work.......

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I never knew it would be so hard....

To find a decent button!

I've been knitting on these Absinthe gloves a little over a week....they would have been done a while ago but aren't - mainly because I cannot find a button I like for the life of me!!!  So I finished the icords without the buttons and will just have to sew on buttons when I finally find what I like.....

I love all of Thea's patterns...which is evidenced by the many of them that I have knit .  And yes, I have a few that I need to show you (which I will after they are done drying from a rather aggressive wet blocking session....just so you know - 3 wool sweaters that have been soaked really good - and run through the dryer to shrink them up - smell really, really bad while they finish drying while being layed out on the sewing room floor).

These gloves I'll post more on as soon as I find some decent buttons.  I'm looking for vintage, cool and unique - and wal-marts and joann's don't have anything....may have to look on Etsy and Ebay tonight!!!!

Which would be a bummer as I love these gloves and have been wearing them all week WITHOUT buttons....