Friday, November 12, 2010


I know I say this about every sweater I knit, but this one has to be just about perfect!

I test knit this one for Thea Coleman over at Baby Cocktails. All the cables kept it interesting and the size 8 needles made it quick. Can't get any better than that in my book!

I used Berroco Remix yarn and it is wonderfully soft and warm. Just a little tweedy, in a lovely dark brown color (we took the pictures this morning while waiting for the bus in the sun).

I myself am not a big fan of sweaters that hit right at the top of my hips, but this one may convert me.

I will make this again for myself at some point (perhaps in a dark red?) but will go down 1 size. It seems a little loose in my waist. But that could be just me too.....

I haven't blocked it yet - I at first thought I wanted it longer, but I am afraid that if I block it, it will grow wider - and I certainly don't want that happening to this. So I've worn it a couple times and am adjusting to the shorter length.

I will however block the collar - I think it needs that so it lays nice and flat.

All in all? Another great sweater by Thea. This is the 3rd one of her's I have knit and I can honestly say these are the sweaters I wear the most! The fit is absolutely perfect, and there is no guessing involved on what I should be doing.


Pattern: Collins, by Baby Cocktails

Yarn: Berroco Remix - 5 skiens

Needles: size 8

Size: 38 with 1" added in length.


isolada. by design said...

Oh, I like it, very much! The color and length are perfect in my book. I tend to like a shorter sweater (and tops) because I'm vertically challenged (LOL!) and it makes me look "longer." It's great for a woman's curves as well. I do hope you knit one up for yourself.

And thanks for the tip regarding the dress I'm trying to finish. I like the fabric so I'll try to fit it as you suggest.

Have a great weekend!


audreypawdrey said...

It is beautiful! I think the shorter length looks great on you. I like my sweaters long, too, but this one looks great.:)

Patty Sumner said...

Wow,great job! The sweater is a real beauty. I am impressed with anyone who can do that sort of work. Blessings!

Michelle said...

Very cute! I love the yarn choice too. Nice work, lady! ;)

country mouse said...

Oh my, that is just beautiful!! I may just have to order that pattern so I can make one myself :cD

Nancy M. said...

I like it! Very pretty!

LuAnn said...

Beautiful sweater. You did a great job knitting it.

Greenmare said...

OMG!! I am slain with awe at your knitting talent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously slain!

Susan said...

That did turn out well......Great job. And it fits so well. I quit knitting sweaters because I had trouble getting the fit correct.