Friday, November 19, 2010


Remember that sweet, little, puppy?

Well, she has spent the summer, growing, running and playing, and has turned into this:

Who got to play with birds for the first time last Saturday:

She quickly figured it out:

And would point at the birds when she found them:

This should come as no surprise, as she's been pointing at the cat and the cows for the last 4 months:

I do think she got a little aggravated at the birds that flew away when she got too close. But as Todd said to her, it's not your job to catch the birds, it's your job to flush them out of hiding so I can shoot them!

Todd didn't have the gun out there with him - he wants to take it slow and easy with her so she does not become gun shy. Believe me, a gun shy bird hunting dog is not a good plan.

But she is going with Todd back to PA for the next 2 weeks while he goes black bear hunting and deer hunting, so I'm sure they will find some birds to play with while they are back there.


Lib said...

Wow she has grown!
My Bro.(Passed away) hunted and fished all the time, we never wanted for game. Sure miss those days!
Have a great wkend.

Libby said...

Oh my - she has grown! I bet the cat really doesn't appreciate being 'flushed out' but it must be an endless bit of fun for the humans *s*

Nancy M. said...

She's pretty! Sounds like she is going to like her job!