Friday, August 13, 2010

Curacao Cowl

I have managed to squeeze in a minute or two here and there of knitting. Mostly a minute but hey.....every little bit of relaxation counts, right?

I started this back on June 22nd. And I'm embarassed to say I just had 6" left to do up until a week ago.
I love the smocking and the cable together. And I LOVE this yarn. Too bad it's discontinued and I had to search high and low for just one more skien to make this long enough.

My seam is horrible, but it's easily hidden in the back and under the second wrap. I can't wait for fall to wear it with a tshirt and jeans.......or to work with a cool jersey jacket.

Hopefully here in about 6 weeks I'll have a little more time to sit, relax and get back to my crafting. Although Jessie and Tyler both are conspiring to hit some steer shows this fall and winter, so we shall see if my plans work out!


Pattern: Curacao Cowl

Yarn:Berrocco Cotton Twist Solids, 5 skiens, sasafrass

Needles: size 8

This would be great if you are new to cables - very clear instructions and easy to understand!

We are super busy this weekend - tonight is the Alumni vs. Varsity soccer game at our school - and while I don't particularly enjoy watching soccer, Jessie and Tyler are dying to go to see a good friend as well as Jessie's 4th grade teacher play so....we will go to a soccer game. And tomorrow is a benefit car wash in Wooster that our 4-h club is putting on at a car dearlership on Old Lincoln Way across from the fairgrounds (sorry, but the name of the dealership escapes me at the moment - but I do know there will be food there at lunch time in exchange for a donation to have your car washed). Then tomorrow night is a picnic/party/cook out to celebrate a friends' parents 35th wedding anniversary and his dad's 65th birthday.

Have a good weekend everyone!


Michelle said...

Beautiful! I share your frustration in not being able to squeeze in any knitting lately. I'm 3/4 of the way through a pair of mittens and I just can't find the time to sit down and focus on them.

By the way - when do we actually get to see your lovely face in one of these knitting modelling shots? :)

Sara said...

Can you make me one?? I love it!

Lib said...

Love it! Love the color also!
HAve a great wk.!

Paula said...

Wow- that is gorgeous! LOVE the color, too!