Thursday, August 12, 2010

28 days

I cannot believe that we only have 28 days until we have to haul all these animals into the County Fair!!!

This is Wilbur the weekend before we left for State Fair
getting clipped by Jason. Jessie and Todd were feeding
him blueberry poptarts to get him to stand still long enough
to be clipped. Who knew a pig would like pop tarts?

Actually, I cannot believe we have 5 days until school starts. And a whole new routine has to start as well. Because I won't have 2 kids at home all day every day to do chores:)

Does anyone else think that the summer just flew by?

I started to freak out Tuesday night. Punx is shedding his hair.....her feeder calf is not walking the greatest....her pigs weigh 190, 199 and 215 lbs right now (we'd like WHICHEVER one goes to County Fair to weigh 260 something). My flowerbeds are not-so-very-pretty-among-the-weeds.....I won't mention what shape my house is in at the moment.....

This is Huey. Who actually behaves very well for the little
he has been worked with.

Then Todd reminded me - we have a month. We can do a LOT in a month.
My response? Sleep will have to be overrated for the next month. For ALL of us:).

Actually, today - I feel optimistic. Punx weighs right about where we want will not take more than a few days to teach her pigs how to walk better......the feeder calf? She is just determined enough to not let him pull any crap with her....and Roundup became my new best friend in my flowerbeds last night. Now as soon as the weeds that I sprayed die, I'll run the weedeater all around the house and presto....they will look good. I "hired" Jessie to clean the house - I left her a list of 10 chores today - if they are all done, she will get $10. And it's stuff like vacuming a room, dusting a room, sweeping the kitchen floor, wiping down cabinets and countertops. I'll leave her a list of 10 more tomorrow, and do the same next Monday and Tuesday. She'll have some spending money and I'll have a cleaner house. I offered to pay Tyler but he said he has plenty of money for the

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Paula said...

A pig eating blueberry pop tarts? Hmmmm... the pig's got good taste! *LOL*
Hope you take lots of pictures at the fair, Kris- I love seeing all the animals!