Wednesday, June 1, 2011

5th grade graduation

The kids' last day of school was last Friday. And it was a very busy 2 days.

The 5th graders put on a talent show last Thursday. Can I just say how much I love this group of girls? 5 of them were on the basketball team together, and all 6 of them are just all around good girls who are good friends.

Then on Friday, they had the 5th grade graduation ceremony. Times have really changed since I went from elementary school to middle school. Back then it was a here-you-go-see-you-later. Now? It's all about the ceremony and awards.

They do make the 5th graders dress up - dresses for girls and khaki's/dress pants with button down or collared shirts for boys. Jessie finally picked this dress pattern, after 3 unsuccessful shopping trips:

We found the batik fabric at JoAnn's, and with a 40% off coupon, I think I ended up paying $6 or $7 for the dress. We won't mention that I procrastinated on doing the hem until Thursday night when we got home from Tyler's boy scout awards ceremony at 10:30.....nope, not I:)

All in all, both kids have had great years at our elementary school, and I'm sad to see her move on to the middle schoool. But - she has a great class of kids so I know all will be good next year:)

Now if I could just figure out where the years have gone that she is 11 already and headed off to middle school....I would be all set!

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