Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I want

The times of yesterday…..

  • Raking leaves and jumping in them
  • Friday night football games
  • Hot spiced cider in front of a roaring fire
  • Hayrides and picking pumpkins
  • Carving pumpkins
  • Halloween costumes and trick or treating
  • Traditional thanksgiving dinner surrounded by those you love
  • The first snowfall
  • Ice skating
  • Sledding
  • Snowman and snow fort building
  • Decorating for Christmas – both inside and out
  • Cutting down a Christmas tree
  • Presents made with love – not brought in a shopping frenzy to add to the debt
  • Cookie baking with friends
  • Watching Christmas movies on TV
  • A roaring fire
  • Visits with Santa Claus
  • Stockings stuffed to the brim
  • Christmas pj's for little toes
  • Making Christmas ornaments and paper garlands
  • Counting down the days on an advent calendar
  • Snow days off from school – but not too many to extend the school yearJ
  • Being snowed in on said snow days so you don't have to go to work
  • Eating a lot…..and then eating some more
  • Visits with family

Wonder how much we can accomplish this fall/winter? Any other suggestions?


Philigry said...

oh, it all sounds perfect to me!

Libby said...

Sounds like my kinda season . . . . I'm in *s*

Wendi said...

Sounds great to me:)

Wendi said...

Sounds great to me:)

Nancy M. said...

Sounds wonderful! Carefree days like when we were kids!

Small House said...

SOUNDS GREAT! AND....knowing you, you'll be able to accomplish a lot!! You are definitely a go getter.

Julie said...

oh, they all sound so lovely to me. unfortunately our christmas is smack bang in the middle of summer here. and i just aint a summer gal! i do love christmas tho.
julie x

Kristie said...

What a list! You have brought back so many wonderful memories for me!

Julie said...

I'll take the same, but The thanksgiving dinner part will have to be w/ another family as mine would never go for that!
So, are you and your family going to do this?

Janice said...

Yes, I agree with your list. Great ideas.

Paula said...

That's a wonderful list, Kris- especially the one about "presents being made with love instead of bought in a frenzy"... I think that's one reason Christmas has lost it's meaning for so many people!
Enjoyed my visit here with you today- hope you have a wonderful weekend!

warren said...

Popcorn balls and homemade candy apples...

Making homemade sugar cookies

Snuggling up under a big blanket

Yup...love that stuff!

Dena said...

My perfect day... A day with the kids and grandkids, sipping hot chocolate topped with real whipped cream, listening and singing Christmas Carols while baking Christmas cookies. Heaven!

em's scrapbag said...

Sounds wonderful. I'm all there with you. The best things in life are not things.