Tuesday, December 15, 2009

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We are home. Actually, we have been home since Sunday about 11:30. I just couldn't post until now due to being EXTREMELY tired and I had camera issues over the weekend. And yesterday was spent catching up at work.......you all get the idea:)

A fun weekend, a BUSY weekend and a tiring one. We got home and everyone crashed - we literally just sat around all day watching football games and movies.

But the kids did awesome! Jessie got a 6th and a 7th (out of 14) with Punx - who behaved like a champ for her:

And Tyler got two 6th places (out of 10) with Roscoe:

This show was huge. There were probably 300 steers and market heifers there on Saturday with 28 classes running in each of two rings. I didn't get a whole lot of pictures - we were too busy running from ring to ring as Tyler showed in class 10 in both rings and Jessie showed in class 12 in both rings. But the next show is January 9th and if the weather isn't too crappy, we will definitely go back down there and do it all over again. For sure we are going to the Ohio Beef Expo in March with both kids and both calves. And I heard a rumor last night about going to the Pennsylvania Beef Expo the end of March with both calves.....

Now I can finally get geared up for Christmas. Of course, I still have a couple smaller things to buy, a few things to finish making and everything to wrap. But I am off work starting this Friday until after New Year's Day, so hopefully I can get some stuff done the week before Christmas:)



LyndaG said...

Kris, I so enjoy your reports on the shows... great reminder of 5 years of horse shows all over New England. Wonderful memories and a wonderful experience for my daughter.

Lib said...

Way to go :o)
Looks like a fun but tiring wk.end.
Enjoy making Christmas gifts!:o)
Have agreat day!

Susan said...

Glad to know that you are home safe and sound.

Sounds like a wonderful trip.

stitchersanon said...

Wow..your kids did great!!!!! That is fantastic!
I hope you get a nice rest over christmas lol

Philigry said...

sounds like a great show! yes, get some rest so you can enjoy the holidays!

Nancy M. said...

I'm glad they did so well! It's so awesome y'all can do that as a family!

Granny Lyn said...

The kids did GREAT!!! I'll bet they are so proud!

those trips can really take the starch out of you, can't they?

Gill - That British Woman said...

tell the kids congrats!!!

Gill in Canada