Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sort-of party

Last night while we were in the midst of washing and clipping calves to get ready for this weekend, my parents came down to give Jessie her birthday presents and bring cupcakes. Which the kids and the 2 guys clipping on her steer devoured. And they asked for more for the weekend.
Yes, tomorrow she will be 10. Where have the years gone????????

She had to try everything on immediately:

Mom knit her the cute little sweater - I think it's the Juliet pattern from Zephyr website. Size x-small. Yes, dark pictures and I didn't get a full shot so you can see the Ugh boots. She has wanted a pair for eons. Thank you Mom and Dad and Kohls.

Today with a high of 28 degrees, she opted to wear jeans, the tshirt, sweater and the boots to school. She thought her legs would freeze in the leggings and skirt while playing football with the boys at recess.

And my Mom wore the vest that I knitted her a month or so ago so I could get a picture of it:

Mondo Cable Vest from Chicknits.

I have more of this yarn (lanaloft worsted weight) to make myself a vest too - which I think will be happening during the Christmas holiday. Seeing as I am off work for 2 whole weeks at the end of the year:)

We had high winds all day yesterday - and I had to wash a calf in the cold and wind at 5:30 p.m. and get him dry by the time they came to clip him at 6:45. Tonight we are packing everything that we possibly can (generator, fan cages, grooming chute, show box, fans - believe it or not Jessie's steer was sweating yesterday due to all the hair he has - grain, hay, straw...). Tomorrow we will load up and head down to Columbus about 5 or so when we all get done washing calves, working for some of us (Todd and Jason), and helping out in Tyler's kindergarten class (me). The kids are making gingerbread houses in his class. The kids will show all day long Saturday, and Sunday morning sometime we will load up and head home.

And yes, I'm taking a birthday cake for Jessie with us with a black steer on it. I'll be back tomorrow with a proper birthday post for her.
Stay warm!


Unknown said...

you have been busy...
Happy Birthday to Jessie good health and happiness
Enjoy the outing

Lib said...

Happy Birthday to Jessie!
You and your Mom does BEAUTIFUL work!
We had the high winda also. 17 tonight!BRRR
Have a great wk.end!

marit said...

I can't believe all the work and effort you put into the steers and shows and all that!

Happy Birthday to Jessie!Have a fun weekend!