Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Instant Gratification

2 pheasants that flew into the wild yonder while we were "training" Barlie a few weeks back. Nice to know they are still hanging around in the woods behind the house!

Thank you for the island love. I'm pleased to report that after 5 coats of mineral oil and letting it soak in - we are eating on it and loving it. And I'm itching to start on the rest of the cabinets and the floor but that is going to have to wait until funds are available - I'm NOT going into debt to redo this kitchen:) Although....Home Depot (where the cabinets came from) has all of their in stock cabinets on sale 20% off - and I was able to "return" my cabinets and "buy" them again - and I got the $120.00 store credit. With the other returns that I took back that we did not use in installing these cabinets, I have enough moolah to buy the pantry cabinet that will match. And I got Todd's blessings to go look and see if they have the pantry in the oak finish that will match the island cabinets.

I also brought out Kitchen Collection at the Lodi, Ohio outlet mall to keep all the drawers organized. We'll see if I remember where I put everything:)

After my attempts to organize my stash, what else could I do but start a new to me sweater out of some stash yarn? Admittedly, this yarn started out as a totally different lace sweater, and I even got halfway up the sleeve before loosing steam in a very real and very fast way. So while Todd was off lifting weights at a friends' house last Thursday night, I proceed to rrriiiiipppppppppp out the poor lonely sleeve and cast on for Sorele Lace Edge Pullover.

Instant gratification. After just 5 days the body of the sweater is done. All that is left is the sleeves and the neckband. This is my kind of project - knitting in the round with some lace and twisty columns to keep it interesting. In a couple hours last night, I am halfway up the first sleeve. I am really hoping this sweater is done by the end of this weekend!

These twisty colums run up and down both sides of the sweater front and back. Interesting way to add some waist shaping!

We've had lots of super frigid cold snowy days here. Not so hot when we need to be out in the barn, but perfect for sitting by the fire knitting like a fiend!

I think I can handle that:)


Libby said...

You are going to really love that kitchen - I love how you are going about getting it done. Debt-free is such a fun way to go *s*

Scrappy quilter said...

I agree, Debt-free is the only way to go. Can't wait to see your new kitchen. Hugs

Kristie said...

I know that sometimes it is hard to wait but it will be worth it in the end. That is the reason it is taking us so long to finish our house, we are paying as we go so that we don't have a house payment! How about a photo of that beautiful oiled countertop? I love butcherblock!

Lib said...

Your wait will be worth it! Happy to hear your enjoying and stitching:o)

Patty Sumner said...

Love the blue sweater! It is going to be beautiful....The pic of the pheasants is great. Debt-free is the way to go! Blessings!

Nancy M. said...

You will enjoy it that much more if it's debt free! I love that blue color for the sweater you are working on!