Saturday, July 7, 2018


So my daughter is very opinionated. Thank goodness we share similar taste.  

Last week we were off work Thursday and Friday for the holiday.  So we went with a good friend to Hobby Lobby.  I could get in some serious trouble there.

And most of the decorations are done for her party!  We got some really cute things.  She kept telling us "classy not trashy" was what she wanted.

I think we succeeded.  I still need to dig out a dozen or so mason jars and paint them white.  And get more silk flowers.

I have a wooden box that we will use for the cards.

But so far I'm in love with the decorations.  And they really weren't that horribly expensive.  We do have to make another banner and I'm in the middle of painting a bunch of wood with chalkboard paint.

Hard to believe her party is less than a week away.  And the best part?  I'm putting all this stuff back because I'll have another one graduating in 4 years.  Which makes me feel really, really old.  Lol.

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