Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I remembered to take some pictures last night!

My newly cleaned out flowerbed:

Yes there are trees growing that Todd needs to cut out. I'm planning on dividing/moving some of my daylillies, black eyed susans, purple coneflowers, coral bells and iris and putting in here. I do have in there a couple daylillies, an iris, a hosta, a miniature hollyhock and some coral bells which I'm intending to keep there. Of course, now that it is relatively empty, I need to get more mulch.

The daylillies are just starting to bloom:

The clematis is blooming:

Question for anyone? These clematis are behind some rhododendron's. So we have not been able to "train" them to go up the deck. As soon as Todd gets a free moment, he is pulling out the rhododendrons for me - they are looking really sickly and have for a number of years now. Can I cut the clematis off at ground level to hopefully train them better next year? I love this purple one - there are 3 of them back in behind the rhody's - a white one, a purple one and a burgendy one.

The bog filter on the pond is really kicking in and the pond is now crystal clear (almost). The downside is I found more baby fish in the pond over the weekend. I think we are up over 20 fish now - hopefully I can find friends and family that want some fish!!!

And this is what we worked on last night. Or rather, Todd, Tyler and a friend of ours worked on. I was told my job was to bring cold drinks and keep them coming.

I love it when my job is simple!

Have a great day



Anonymous said...

I cut my clematis down every spring and it grows beautifully every year. I'm just not sure if you can do it mid-season or not. Good luck with it! Everything looks beautiful, my friend! :)

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your lillies are beautiful Kris! I admire that you find time to garden as well as sew, on top of running a farm and being so involved with your children. Do you ever sleep?

Scrappy quilter said...

I really like day lillies. Your lillies are so nice. You are one busy lady. have a wonderful day.

Gina said...

Love the garden photos.
You should be able to cut the clematis down after flwering. Cut it down to a third of it's size and you should be able to retrain it.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Gizmo said...

WOW!! You have been really busy! Your gardens look great. I don't know about the Clematis. Can you take some string, and stake it next to the plant, and tie the other end to the deck?? Wrap the vines around it, and you won't see the string.... I can't wait for my gardens to catch up to yours.

Libby said...

It is such fun to watch your garden come to life *s*

warren said...

Cold drink bringer...I think you had a good job!

Granny Lyn said...

The clematis will grow if you cut it, but don't cut it all the way to the ground, maybe about a third of the way up, the tendrils will grab next year, and you can train it, but the leaves have to absorb the sun to feed the roots, and if they are all gone, the roots will suffer.

oh, you had the best job!! but I hope you didn't miss an opportunity to give "womanly advise" as you passed out the drinks,,,that is part of the job!!

isolada. by design said...

Kris...your gardens are coming along beautifully. I can't believe youy daylilies are now coming into bloom! Lucky You! Ours have just about fizzled out. I can't remember, however, if they may come out one more time in our little bit longer summer.

I'm glad to see you got what looks like good advice about your clematis. I was going to suggest removing the rhododendron and trying to train them as is, now, and then cut. I think you've got a handle on it!

Your place just sounds wonderful, as always!

Ana :)