Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Way to go Huskies!

I completely forgot about the basketball game that Jessie and her friends WON on Saturday.


Yep, that's right. They won. And it is soooooo educational to see your daughter grow and develop her defense. ahem.

  • We won't talk about the body check she did on some poor girl on the other team that resulted in that child landing flat on her back.
  • Or about the pushing and shoving match that was the end result of a fight for the ball that the referee had to get inbetween the two girls to break it up.
  • Or the 8 pile ups on the floor over the course of a 40 minute game when both teams were fighting over the ball.

Lets just say.....that our girls are scrappers. And this is coming out more and more with each practice they have and each game they get under their belts.
And Thank God for wonderful referrees who used the game as teachable moments......
Now if they could all just connect with the basket on a regular basis, life would be good! Oh well - that will come with age and experience, I hope:)


Lib said...

Way to Go!!!!!!!
Cute frosty!
Like your new look!

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

They won??!!! AWESOME!

country mouse said...

Yeah!! High fives all around!
Cute snowman. My kids didn't get out to build another this time. Most of our snow is gone here, and for all the snow in the forcast, it never came. We did have that icy drizzle the other morning though...yuck! Right now I am just thankful for the sunny skies (even if it is cold) and hopefully the tempratures will warm up a bit. Not too much longer til spring, right? Hope you have a great weekend!

sugarcreekfarm said...

A win, yeah!! Olivia's team has only won once...they have a lot of learning to do yet!

Gill - That British Woman said...

I must say I am not a basketball fan. However I must say I prefer to watch kids play basketball than the professionals.

Gill in Canada

Gina said...

Well done girls and Kris you are a bad mother for not posting about this earlier. LOL

Love and hugs Gina xxx