Friday, October 22, 2010


Tyler joined cub scouts this year. Todd was a boy scout all the way through high school (and actually is an Eagle Scout - 5 palms) as is Todd's brother and their father.

Last night we went on a field trip to the historical society.

It was interesting, to see the pictures of what our little town used to look like 100 years ago. They had advertisements, posters, newspaper articles, and all sorts of old kitchen ware and farm equipment.

Tyler had fun having me read the articles and posters to him, until we came to this one:

I don't know how to make it so you can click to enlarge the pictures, but it says: "Home baking in most homes is no longer an economy - it is an expense that should be done away with. Baked goods from our ovens, fresh daily, have taken the place of the home bake day, freeing the housewife from hours of drudgery. Make 1928 a bakeless year in your home."

And for Tyler, who loves nothing more than fresh baked bread straight out of my oven (with butter and cinamon sugar on it of course) - he was appalled that someone would even consider this!

Interesting how times have changed, isn't it?



Lib said...

Wow thats interesting!lol
HAve a great wk.end!

Gill - That British Woman said...

nowadays I think it is a long lost art to have someone bake from scratch.

I personally love to bake, but my hips don't like it!!

Gill in Canada

Susan said...

When I was young my mother made biscuits everynight for dinner....

My brother is 7 years younger than I am and by the time he came along they had introduced canned biscuits. He still prefers canned biscuits to the real ones. How sad is that.

I must agree with Tyler. There is nothing at all better than a slice of home made bread when it starts to cool.

Libby said...

I had no idea the tide had started to turn so early - I'm always blaming the 50's and 60's *s*

LuAnn said...

Glad Tyler joined Scouts. The trip to the Historical Society sounds interesting. Some day your kids will come to you and tell you how glad they are that you've given them all of the experiences and opportunities when they were younger. Mine did, and it is a great feeling. Love reading about all of their livestock adventures.

SewAmy said...

That is funny.

My son joined the cub scouts this year too.

audreypawdrey said...

My goodness! I bet he was truly frightened by the thought! I love reading those old advertisements.

country mouse said...

Wow, I can't imagine. I love baking, I agree with Tyler...I love home baked bread, and cookies, and muffins, and brownies, and.... :cD It is interesting how times have changed. Makes me think of carpeting, there was a time when wall to wall carpeting was "the thing", hardwood floors were kind of frowned upon. Now hardwood floors are fashionable again. Hope Tyler is having fun with scouting, my son just started this year as well and has been really enjoying is so far.

Nancy M. said...

I never would have thought that they would say something like that so long ago! It's funny looking back at it now!

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