Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Elk Hunt 2012

Todd just got home from a hunting trip to Colorado with his Uncle, Cousin, and a family friend.  It was a management hunt on a private ranch, meaning they could only shoot what their guide told them to shoot (older, mature bulls that were not going to be trophy bulls and they wanted them killed before they started to decline health wise).  I just had one request - bring home meat!
Despite too warm weather the first 3 days of their hunt (70's and sunny), the last 2 were better (snow and 30's/40's) and everyone was successful.
Todd was pretty happy with his bull elk.

The last time he went out to Colorado (before he took a digital camera), 4 rolls of film were not enough for him.  He took pictures of EVERYTHING the last few trips - where they stayed, the scenery, the hunting.  This time?  I got 17 photos.  And no scenery.

I always threaten that I want to go on these hunting trips - not for the hunting but for the scenery, to take long walks, etc.  I think I'm going to have to push the issue one of these years if I'm not going to get any pictures of where they are actually at!!!

There was one accident on the trip - when Todd shot his gun it recoiled or something and sliced his thumb open.  It still looks pretty nasty - and he did say that if he had been nearer than 6 hours to a hospital, he would have probably gone and gotten stitches.

They couldn't get pictures of everyone's elk racks together on the trip - so when they got to our house I took a few as they were unloading and sorting through all the gear. 

It's not the same as on top of a mountain, with snow and trees and canyons for miles around but....

I guess it does make a good picture of just how successful everyone was!
And while Todd was gone - I was busy......very, very busy!  This is my sewing room before it got cleaned and painted and the furniture rearranged:

And this was my living room after I emptied out the sewing room so I could clean and paint it.  A few more finishing/organizing details and I'll be back with pictures of my new rooms.  Let's just say that 11 days is not really enough time to clean, paint and organize 2 big rooms!

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