Wednesday, October 3, 2018

County Fair

I had to wait a few weeks to recover from our county fair before I felt like talking about it.  This was the roughest year we have ever had animal wise people wise and just everything in general. My kids and I love working with the animals for our fair but it just seems like this year was rough! 

We got the market animals in there. Amidst torrential downpours. After lots of bickering and arguing I thought this was going to go well. Nope. It wasn’t happening. The weather sucked, my kids steers both weighed the EXACT SAME weight. And they were grumpy.  

But they pulled it off and we did decent. Tyler got a 4th and a 2nd and was 10th overall. 

Jessie got a 2nd and a 3rd and was 6th overall steer. 

But then we found out right after the final drive for the market steer class they were cancelling showmanship and evacuating most of the animals due to rain. The steers were going to the auction barn to be held until sale day. The pigs were being trucked 2 counties away so the kids could still show Monday and Tuesday. And the lambs were staying right at the fairgrounds. Oh and the camper had to be moved that evening along with all the show equipment. 

But we got it all done. It was absolutely heartbreaking to say goodbye to these guys so early. They truly were pets this year. 

Then we had to start driving all over. Go to our home county to feed and take care of lambs. Go 45 min away to deal with pigs. Back and forth multiple times a day. 

I am so thankful Richland County opened their fairgrounds for the swine exhibitors. And the kids did well. 

Jessie went 2nd in showmanship and 3rd in her market class 

Tyler went 2nd in both showmanship and his market class.

And let’s not forget the sheep. Jessie went 6th in showmanship and 8th in market. 

Tyler got 7th in his market class. He likes the sheep but he has a hard time showing due to his height. 

It was a long, exhausting week. We also moved Jessie home from college during the fair.  She’s staring next week at another school so hopefully that school is a better fit. 

And now it’s onto next year. But we are taking a little break for a couple weeks. 


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