Monday, October 8, 2018

Chemical free cleaning

When I first got started with Essential Oils 10 or so years ago, I used the cheaper ones from my local health food store. And I saw on the label (of course afterwards) not for human consumption. Great. But I made my laundry soap, made my degreaser and my all purpose cleaner.  And I loved them. I truly did. And until recently I used the cleaner and the degreaser faithfully. 

Then I came across Young Living. And actually a dear blogging friend from the early days started posting about them on Instagram. It took me a few months and I jumped on the bandwagon. But of course I’d go back and forth with them. 

Then my daughter stole my diffuser and started using them. And I started using them pretty hard core about 8 months ago. In the midst of this I’m trying to find a way to manage my Lupus. 103 degree fevers for days are no fun. And my doctor is really big into alternative medicines. 

So I brought a 14 oz bottle of Thieves cleaner. And I’m blown away. I brought that bottle the middle of July. And I’m still using it. Not only does it clean everything:

It’s so stinking affordable!! I won’t get the full 16 spray bottles because I add it to my Thieves laundry soap (more on that later) but I’m not even half way through the bottle yet. 

It smells amazing. It does a terrific job. And I just have 1 spray bottle for my entire house. I haven’t brought a chemical laden cleaner in almost 3 months. I do make sure I have baking soda (buy the big box at dollar general - you won’t regret it for $2 a box), white vinegar, borax and washing soda on hand. And that is it. 

I must say, my house smells fantastic.  And while my kids are older and know better, when I have little kids over I don't have to worry about them getting into something they shouldn't.  

If you are interested in this cleaner - send me an email - bairk2072 at gmail dot com.

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