Friday, October 5, 2018

The college that wasn’t meant to be

Remember me saying what a wonderful college Jessie had found and she was so excited to be starting at a college she knew she was going to absolutely love? 

Cue manical hysterical laughter here......

We went to Bradford Schools I don't know how many times to see the college, fill out paperwork, deal with orientation, etc.  Each time she loved it.  

We moved her in the Sunday before Labor Day.  I should have known something was wrong that afternoon.  Tyler and I left her there at 2 p.m. By 8 p.m. (!?!?!?!) I had received no less than 500 text messages, 4 or 5 dozen phone calls, a half a dozen face time videos.  I figured it would just take her a little bit to get used to the school.

Nope.  She called me Monday night. Her roommates were shopping at night and she didn't want to be in the dorm room by herself.  So could I please drive to Columbus and hang out with her.  Because at 18 she still doesn't like to stay home alone at night.

Wednesday night she called me and said she was done with school.  They weren't doing large animals for vet tech just cats, dogs,and mice.  And she wanted to come home.  I told her when she got home on Friday we would talk about it.

Due to our county fair starting on Friday, my parents hauled her butt home Friday afternoon.  And she met them at the car with a ton of her stuff.  She was done.  She didn't like the classes, didn't like the apartment, didn't like any of it.  And not getting to work on large animals was the icing on the cake.

So in amongs dealing with the shit show that was our county fair thanks to the weather, on Sunday morning my dad, her and her boyfriend and I drove back to Columbus to pack all her stuff up and bring her home.  Let's just say I do feel bad for her roommates because what started out as everyone contributing ended up me buying most of the stuff.  The Tv.  The WiFi router,  the printer, the bathroom supplies, the kitchen supplies.  

As we were carting everything to my car I made her text her roommates.  I didn't want them coming back to an empty room.  We got it all in my car and my parents car for the drive home.  And it only took us an hour to pack her back up.

It was a very nice school.  I think it is a terrific program.  I just think it was too much for Jessie to take on all at once.  She is my homebody after all.

And she starts a new school in October.  And it's only 35 min. Away so she will be commuting and working.  Lol. I'm not providing a free ride until she is 50.

I must say though I am glad she was home for a few weeks.  I did have some help getting Tyler to and from all his activities and help around the house.

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