Wednesday, November 11, 2009

done, Done, DONE and lots of goodies

I wasn't sure that I would LOVE this sweater but I do. I really do.

It was quick and easy, and with these long drives we've made to PA 2 times now in the past month, I needed something that I could just go with. That didn't take a lot of thinking. A little boring while knitting the body (it is need from cuff to cuff sideways and then you pick up and knit around the opening).

I had a little trouble doing the opening around the body. The first time I didn't pick up enough stitches (I picked up 148 and the pattern says 200). The second time - I did the ribbing wrong. The THIRD time, I only picked up 1 strand of yarn instead of two - and there were holes in it.

Finally, after much swearing at myself, I got it right.

It's a little small on me, but it was made for a friend, who is a smaller size than I am, so hopefully it will fit her just right:)

Hopefully Dawn loves it as much as I love the gift she sent me:

Let's just say - when I picked it up from the post office, I had every intention of waiting until I got home to open it. I had to open it, admire it AND transfer purses while driving down the road. I'm so thankful I thought to take the back roads.......

And then, I swapped with Jacquie - some knitted fingerless mitts for pillows. I really think I got the better end of the deal, and have started on a little something for her as a thank you.

Even though these are not in my bedroom, they go in there perfectly. If I was going to show you a picture of them on my bed, I would have to fold the 10 loads of laundry that we keep dumping on there every morning to find clean clothes and make the bed. Which was not happening this morning.

Because I have a new sweater for me which is almost done, and I'm anxious to wear it:)

Yes, I am horrible. I know.


Miri said...

Oh, the sweater is so pretty! And the purse is adorable. Good job on the pillows. Man, you've been busier than I could have guessed!

SewAmy said...

the sweater is cute. And LOVE that purse.

Susan said...

Great sweater. Just what you need to keep the shoulders warm.

warren said...

I write computer software and the saying goes, if you aren't cussing, you aren't really I get your sweater induced chew out!

Niki said...

But you persevered and it's looks great! As a reward, I don't think that it's unreasonable to ignore laundry waiting to be folded to work on your sweater, after all, winter's comin' ya know ;-)

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love the colour of the sweater! Jacquie's cushions are spectacular.

Jo's Corner said...

That color IS gorgeous!! Now you'll have to make one for YOU!! Kris, I am loving my fingerless mittens! We're having strange weather for MN., (it was 56 degrees today!), but the nights get cool. I tuck my mittens with my car keys and wear them everywhere I go! I also LOVE, LOVE. LOVE the quilt you made for me!!! I AM gonna blog about it!! You should read my post from explains a lot about why I haven't been blogging much! But, I do drop by and read your blog when I can! I cried when I read about you guys hitting the little fawn! I know, I know! I'm a big softie & you live on a farm! You are just so "matter of fact" about that stuff, although I did see some tears when Jessie had to part with her cow (?) after showing at the Fair!! I wish I could spend a day in your life! Seems like there's always something going on! Take care! Big Hugs! Jo

Small House said... did a great job on the sweater!! Lucky you getting such a cute purse as a gift.
Have a great day.

Gill - That British Woman said...

I love that purse, and I love the shrug you knitted. I wish I could knit......

Gill in Canada