Sunday, November 8, 2009

Let's talk needles

I hate buying knitting needles. Too expensive for the good ones and you can't just use 1 set of needles. But....since I have all these grand plans to make myself some new sweaters, I guess I need them, right?

HOWEVER, I stumbled across this website - and Todd told me to go ahead and order them for our 14th anniversary last month (the 28th to be exact). So I did. But I was frugal and ordered the seconds, and then ordered the 30" cord, the 40" cord, the 52" cord and an extra set of 7, 8 and 9 ends (as that is what size the sweaters that I want to make use the most). I think I paid $55 for all of it. And I cannot figure out why my needles are seconds, really.

And I LOVE them. The cords are plastic coated, so they don't knot up or kink up. They are super easy to use, and I don't tend to drop them like I do the Addi needles because they are not slick. I can mix and match with needle ends from a size 5 to a 15 (and I think I can order 2 other bigger sizes). I can connect different length cords together with a twist of a cord.

Now as long as I don't loose any pieces, I will be all set. But even if I have to replace a needle end, I think it's something like $4.50 for a set of needles. I was a little leary of spending that kind of money, until I realized - to buy a good pair of needles - $18.00. To buy a pair of bamboo needles, $7.95. So theoretically, I can make 80 different sets of needles out of my kit, and each set will cost me just a little less than 69 cents per set of needles (I can make a pair of needles from a size 5 to a size 15 that are 17", 20", 22", 24", 27", 36", 46", 58" long, not to mention adding cords together).


Scrappy quilter said...

WTG on getting new needles. Enjoy!! Can't wait to see the new sweaters you create.

Judy T said...

Good for you for allowing yourself to get them. I'm much the same way, It's hard to allow myself to get something I want, even though I know it will be a 'tool' for many things in the future.
Happy knitting!