Friday, June 25, 2010


When you spend your birthday doing this:

All 78 bales got baled up safely, no rain, no wind and no major accidents:)

You'd better get a little time to yourself to start this:
Curacao cowl by Thea Coleman - Baby Cocktails.
It's almost too hot here to knit anything larger:)
And FINALLY, after months of on-and-off knitting, finish this:

Rusted Root
Yarn: Elle Cotton Fields
Size: Medium
Perfect for summer!
It also helps if the day your birthday falls in ends up being in the low 90's and the air conditioned tractor that your husband is using to bale hay only seats 2 people, and both kids think it is great fun to go round and round the field with him at a snail's pace.
This meant lots of ME time last Sunday in between when I quit spreading mulch in the flowerbeds due to the heat and helping Todd by driving the skidloader while he drove the tractor to pick up all. 78. bales. of. hay. Although he wouldn't let me load them onto the wagon - I wonder why????? And helping Jessie wash her steer.
So we ate dinner at 9:30 that night. No big......



Lib said...

Happy Birthday Kris!
Wow, you are Busy!
Have a great wk.end!

Linda ★ Parker's General said...

Happy Birthday!
I thought you were gonna say---When you spend your birthday doing this..... You might be a redneck! LOL but no, just a farmer's wife!
Absolutely love the sweater. That must be a great sense of satisfaction. Linda

Miri said...

Happy Birthday! I love that photo of the bales with the tractor shadow. Hope your day was as wonderful as it sounds.

LuAnn said...

Hi Kris...Looks like you have been working really hard. Glad you had some time to knit while you "rest". Happy belated birthday to you!!!!