Monday, June 14, 2010


It's been hot, muggy, humid and rainy here the last two weeks. I'm so ready for some hot DRY days it's not funny. We haven't cut a blade of hay it's been so wet - and we are fast running out of hay for Jessie's steer. Fortunately he doesn't eat much.....Hopefully this weekend we can get the hay made.

But Friday I found this on clearance at our local home improvement store. And Todd was nice enough to put it together Saturday afternoon for me in the 90 degree weather. That felt like 105.

Just in time to use it for seating at an impromptu get together with friends on Saturday night. I do love summer.

Yesterday found Jessie and I working on her 4-H sewing project. All that is left to do is the sleeves and the hem. Which would have been done if she had been able to stay focused, but it's summer and that word is apparently not in her vocabulary right now.
But she did the majority of the work on it so far - and is saying that she will wear it - so that is a plus in my book:) She wants to find brown leggings and brown flats to wear with it. And the sash around her ribcage will have a button in the back rather than the bow that the pattern calls for.
Of course, when I sent her outside to play, I figured her brand spanking new sewing machine was already set up, so I might as well get busy working on her show shirts for the State Fair and County Fair. Seeing as how I am so not into paying $30 a shirt when she really needs 4 of them for the county fair. Since there is no time to do laundry that week.
I'm pretty happy with the way it came out so far. The collar seems a little stiff, but it fits her really well. I still need to do the sleeves, the buttons/button holes and the hem. Hopefully tonight I can finish this one up, and start on the lime green one next. Or the bright orange. Or maybe the hot pink.

She definitely wants to be noticed this year:)
And our last cow to calve finally had her calf last Thursday - a black and white bull calf.

Todd was really hoping for a heifer, but I was hoping for a bull calf to make a steer project for Jessie next year. I should have bet him on whether it would have been a boy or a girl.

So this year we were tied - 3 for 3. Now we just have to get everyone re-bred for next year's calves.
Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!


Michelle said...

Tell Jessie that she's got me beat hand down with her sewing! Nice work!

So does the newest baby boy have a name yet? How long do you wait before re-breeding the mamas?

Nancy M. said...

It's been really hot here too! But, we have been blessed with rain and a few thunderstorms.

That glider is a great find! Summer is kinda like freedom to kids, so I can understand her not wanting to be too still, lol!

That shirt looks great! I have got to start sewing again, so I can try making some things. I haven't done it since I was a teen, hopefully I can remember some.

Lib said...

Its Hot and miserable here !
Wow,Great Job Jessie!
Stay cool!