Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day

Happy belated Memorial Day everyone! We had a busy weekend, but a very fun and relaxing one too (if that is possible). Although I did have to work on Saturday, but we aren't mentioning that right now......

I planted more flowers around the pond - I must have a weakness for flowers:) Either that or I am a glutton for punishment!

Everything is growing so big so fast! This week we are FINALLY going to get the bridge across the stream done. And Todd is putting an electric fence around the pond to keep Barlie out of it! I guess it shouldn't surprise me that she loves the water (being a bird dog and all) but my water lillies and the fish are probably traumatized.

Jessie was home sick from school last Wednesday. With the last day of school on Thursday what a bummer for her. So while she and Barlie slept the day away, I put up the gazebo and decorated my deck!
Remember my chair and barrel from the junk store? I still need to paint it, but it hasn't broken yet:)

I found the other 2 chairs at Lowe's for $17 each. I still want to find either a glider or a bench. Last year I had a table and chairs out here that we ate at, but Todd thought the chairs were too small for him, and there wasn't a whole lot of room up there. So I wanted to do something that we would use. I'm pleased that already we have spent hours out there in the afternoons and evenings.

Thursday was the last day of school. For Tyler's kindergarten teacher, I had the school's art teacher put the kids' handprints on this flower pot, and I filled it with flowers. You know it's a good gift when the teacher cries.

And this will be Jessie's feeder calf 4-H project. Once he is weaned from his momma, he will come to our house. We are trading our friend Jason one of our heifers for him.

Now it's back to work. I need a few more days at home, but.....I don't think I will be getting them anytime soon.....
Have a great week


Miri said...

It does sound busy and relaxing. I know how much you probably needed a weekend of that kind of work and play!

Nancy M. said...

As long as you got some relaxation in, it was a great weekend! That's a really great gift, I can see why she liked it! I love the pond and flowers!