Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Last year at the fair, Jessie was a little gun shy of her steer. And who wouldn't be - when you weigh 80 lbs. if you are lucky and your steer weighs 1400 lbs? This year, she has worked with her steer from the time he weighed about 450 lbs. And a turtle probably walks faster than he does....on a good day. On a bad day - he doesn't want to move. at all.

But she had some nerves earlier this summer as he got bigger. And Huey (her feeder calf) was a little rambunctious the first time she walked it.

But she has gone from this:

there ain't no way I am walking this calf by myself!!!

To this:

And then to this:

To this:

To this:

In the space of maybe 2 weeks. She has worked her butt off this summer. Poor Punx...he has been her "practice animal" but she has him to the point, she stops walking, and he places his feet right where they need to be.

Although it hasn't been all hard work around here:

Apparently the blower for the steers/calves can be used to create unique and unusual hairstyles as well:

Something tells me we may be having a little too much fun these late nights in the barn with friends and their kids who are showing also....but we aren't stopping the fun now! And we are planning a major cookout/party at the camper in between the steer show and the tractor pull on Saturday night. And another one Sunday night.....and Wednesday get the idea......

We have 7 days until we move into the Wayne County Fair. Everyone is walking (for the most part). This weekend we will spend packing the camper, packing the tack boxes, the usual "walk, rinse, dry, repeat" routine we've had with all 3 calves and Punx all summer long, and walking the pigs.

We are still in the air on which pig is going. It will all depend on what they all weigh next Thursday night when the trailer backs up to the barn doors....and on what our friends' pigs' weigh. We are "hoping and aiming for" that none of them are in the same weight class. We'll see how well we manage THAT one.

For today.....I have to go find some hot pink spray paint to "decorate" a derby car for the fair........he should NEVER tell another Mom, the 3 kids and I "sure....go ahead and decorate it....."

Have a good one!

PS - THANK YOU everyone for your suggestions on my quilt dilema. Let's just say I finally made contact with a couple of family members, and my quilt should be coming back to me unquilted by the end of the week. There were circumstances beyond the quilters control, for which I am truly thankful she is OK, but a phone call, email, text message from someone would have still been helpful. So if everything goes as it should, I should have my top back here within the next couple of days.....for which I am ever so thankful!


Michelle said...

Hooray for your quilt! :) Post some pics of your runaway blanket for us sometime. ;)

Best of luck to you all at the fair!

Libby said...

Great news about your quilt - I'm so glad to hear good news and I know you must be sooooo relieved!

Millie said...

That is good news on your quilt.

Nancy M. said...

Wow, y'all are still so busy! Jessie seems to be doing great, a lot more relaxed with her steer!

So glad to hear you are getting your quilt back soon!