Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Since the weather is so crappy out there, I've been doing lots of sewing and knitting. In between boy scout meetings for Tyler and basketball practice and games for Jessie. Thank goodness this weekend is the last weekend of basketball games. However, from now until the middle of May we have steer shows every single weekend but Easter weekend. Mainly to get her some more practice but also to keep Tank's weight in control. The boy likes to eat, we can say that much:)

I'm chugging right along on my Heleborous Yoke sweater. Interesting construction - you start with the right front and work your way around sideways. I'm just about to the part where I do the left sleeve.

It goes very quick, mainly because it's on size 10 1/2 needles with big yarn. I'm worried that it's going to be big, but I'm trusting that since it's supposed to be worn with 4" positive ease, and I made the size 38, it should work. I know my yarn guage is a little off, so hopefully i'll end up with it just about right.

In digging through a basket of odds and ends of yarn while we had our knitting party last weekend, Jessie found my Cherry Vanilla sweater. I love this sweater. I do not love size 6 needles. But I'm going to finish it here shortly with any luck. Mainly because my Heleborous Yoke is getting to big to be dragging around to basketball practice and friends' houses for dinner. Although it's making a nice blanket to keep warm with!

I managed to get through 2 repeats of the lace before loosing steam (and ambition) last fall, but I think I have about 25 rows to go before separating for the arms.

This sweater pattern is great - you can make it long or short, long sleeved or short sleeved. I'm thinking long with short sleeves so I can wear it this summer. But then again, if it takes me all summer, I just may make it hip length with long sleeves so I can wear it this fall:)
I also need to finish up my socks. My Mom started them for me, and then I took over and knit until I got to the heel shaping. She did that, and now i have to knit the feet. Again, love the yarn but do not love size 1 needles in any shape or form:)

Be back later!


Michelle said...

LOVE the helleborus sweater! And if it or any other sweater that you make comes out way too big, I know a certain chunky gal who likes sweaters... ;)

Boy do I know where you're coming from with the socks! I had a brief obsession with socks the first year that I learned how to make them. Now I spend six months pecking away at one lousy pair. Bleh.

Lib said...

Love your work!

Greenmare said...

Wow you are a knitting super woman! I am so impressed and amazed! not amazed that you have such talent but amazed that anyone can use two pointy sticks to make something so lovely!

country mouse said...

So many pretty projects! Your sweater is lovely. The last one I made used the same technique (cast on for right front then the cast off was the left front) It was nice in that there wasn't much seaming. And the color of your cherry vanilla is awesome.

I hear you on the crappy weather, let's see in the last week we've had sun, clouds, rain, flooding, sleet, snow, and there is supposed to be enough of a warm up this weekend to possible rain again before dipping below freezing again...gotta love Ohio weather :P Well, it is a good excuse to play with yarn and fabric :cD Have a great weekend!!