Monday, February 28, 2011

Table runners and cowls

We had an incredibly busy weekend, but I still managed to get some sewing and knitting in!

First, I made this table runner for Jessie's dresser: I started on it Friday evening and finished it up Saturday evening sewing the binding on by hand.

I couldn't follow the pattern exactly - it is supposed to be a 6x2 layout of the blocks, but....her dresser isn't that big! So we improvised a little. I must say I do like it, and have enough blocks, backing and binding to do another smaller one (using only 3 blocks) for her other dresser and I will have 4 blocks leftover for a mini quilt/wallhanging for in her room.

Jessie did finish quilting this for me (I just stitched in the ditch around the blocks and on the insides of the blocks) and sewed the binding on for me. She liked doing this well enough she now wants to take the quilting 4-H project and make a table topper.

My Mom has been saying for a while she wants to learn how to knit cables. And my brother's girlfriend Ashley and her friend Danielle also wanted to learn how to knit cables. So on Sunday we had us a little party. The 3 of them came to our house and we knit simple cowls:

Pattern: Awbrey
Needles: 10 1/2 16 inch circulars
Yarn: ? I'll have to check the tag when I get home.

We had fun, everyone realized that cable knitting (at its simplest form) is not really all that difficult, and I now have a new cowl. It only took about 3-4 hours, with lots of getting up by me to go get sweaters for my Mom to try on that I have knit.

Last week before everyone came over, I tried it out to a) make sure it wasn't going to take forever to knit and b) make sure there were no surprises in the pattern.

Pattern: Awbrey
Needles: 10 1/2 16 inch circulars
Yarn: Reynolds Lopi

So I actually have 2 cowls now.
And all that snow in the first two photos? Is now rushing down our driveway. Torrential rains/thunderstorms last night mean lots of flooded roads around here and flooded basements. I didn't check our basment this morning (I really should have and am even now debating if I should run home to check) but our driveway is underwater (still passable with my Durango and Todd's truck but barely) and the basement at the office where I work is about 8 inches deep. And Todd's been out on emergency calls since 5:30 this morning for stranded motorists who tried to drive through high water. And a gas line leak at a local business.

Stay dry everyone!


Michelle said...

Aye yi yi! Stay safe, lady!

Judy T said...

I hope your basement is dry. Stay safe and warm. We had those storms last night but we got ICE. 2 hour delay for school. I am ready for spring.

LuAnn said...

Beautiful runner, and good for Jessie wanting to take the 4_H quilting project. Love those cowls. Will have to look for the pattern soon.

audreypawdrey said...

The tablerunner is beautiful, and I love the green cowl-so pretty!

Greenmare said...

these are all fabulous!!! I wish I lived close enough to come to a knitting party! I love the cowls!!!

Lib said...

Love your work.
Stay safe!