Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Finally....a quilting blog with quilty content:)

I did promise something quilty, didn't I?

And I actually have almost 2 completed quilts!

This first one, I'm embarassed to admit, has been languishing in the bottom of a pile of quilt tops for .......several years. I first blogged about it here. The original intent was for it to go in Jessie's room as a wall hanging to match her batik flip flop quilt. She wanted it as a bed quilt, but I didn't have enough batik fabrics....

And it is now quilted and awaiting it's binding. Which i have to go BUY as I can't find the binding I picked out for this quilt when I first finished the top!

But she has been making noises about wanting her room repainted. Truthfully, she's been wanting her room repainted since Thanksgiving. I told her when your room is cleaned out, I'll repaint it. This past weekend she hauled 3 garbage bags out of her room, so I guess I'm painting over spring break...if she can keep it semi clean. So far it's stayed clean, and they've been off school for 5 days due to a teacher inservice day, the holiday, and a major snow storm yesterday:)

I'm hoping I can talk her into yellow walls with lime green and pink accents, and her furniture painted white. Right now she is lobbying for lime green walls and YELLOW furniture.....

Of course, along with the new paint, she wants a new chair (lime green) for in the corner so she can read, and a new quilt (look at the Diamond Diva kit - that's the pattern and fabric she picked out!) and dust ruffle. So while this little quilt won't be of use in her room, I figure it will be a good lap quilt on those chilly spring evenings!

I'm plugging along on another baby quilt for my nephew, along with a dust ruffle for his crib. I used the tutorial here for the dust ruffle, and talk about a piece of cake! I hope to get the binding sewn on tomorrow when I get home from work, and then it will just be stitch the binding down and deliver it. I'll show pictures of it once it's completed (hopefully tomorrow).

And finally? Jessie made a cake:

She's enjoying baking cakes, brownies and cookies lately. I'm just glad to have a little something sweet in the house every now and again:)


LuAnn said...

The batik quilt is cute. Lime green walls....I guess that wouldn't be the worst thing. The thing that stuck out for me in your whole post was that she wants a lime green chair so she can sit and read. And I think that's great! Her cake looks good, too!

Kristie said...

That turned out very nice. She did a great job on that cake!

Patty Sumner said...

I love the quilt. The cake looks great. Don't you just love it when they want to do things like cook and decorate. Blessings!