Sunday, December 28, 2008

I started another quilt.....

but this one is going together quick.

Todd brought me (or rather, I brought myself for him and the kids to give me for Christmas) some civil war reproduction fabric and a quilt book:

But I am so darned wishy washy on making up my mind about which quilt to do first!

Then Mom gets me a magazine and some sewing notions and I see this project:

Not my style, not my colors, but.....I have about 6 yards of batik fabric that I brought for Jessie's flip flop quilt that has been sitting there. The fabric isn't even calling my name saying use me. But I thought - maybe I can get it out of my stash (and then I can go buy more civil war reproduction fabric) and I can think on what special quilt I want to make with the fabric that Todd and the kids wrapped up for me.

Of course, Jessie comes into my sewing room, and says she would like this quilt for on her bed. Not sure if I have enough fabric to get it big enough but.....maybe.



Niki said...

I love civil war reproduction fabrics, I hope one day to make a quilt using them. What a nice gift to get!

SewAmy said...

love the batiks. can't wait to see more of it. Happy sewing. :o)

isolada. by design said...

Oh, I LOVE batiks. I'm with Jessie...I'd want the quilt on my bed, too, if I were her!

I was so glad to see the flip flop quilt as I wasn't "here" in early 2008. SOOOOOOO cute!

I've not seen much done with Civil War Reproduction fabric so I'll be excited to see what you come up with for yourself. ENJOY! Have fun, start to finish.

And know a fabulous Sunday!

Ana :)

Judy T said...

Oh, I love batik and hand dyed fabrics. I have lots of batiks in blues, purples and greens that I need to do something with in my 'spare time'. HA HA.
I'm impressed that you have as much time to sew as you do. I haven't pulled out my quilt in over a year. I keep meaning to but then other things take priority.
I look forward to seeing the Civil War repro fabrics worked up.

Susan said...

Those decisions are what keep me from finishing anything...... I keep going from one quilt to another and adding projects at the same time.

Looking forward to seeing what choices you make.

Susan said...
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Gill - That British Woman said...

I was thinking of buying some batiks myself in the next few days. I love all the material you have bought.

Gill in Canada

Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen Civil war wall paper? It's soooo cool! I bet the fabric is lots of fun! We have some Confed money printed on wall paper. Interesting! Anyhow, I can't wait to see your project with it!

Dawn said...

These colors are sooooo gorgeous -- your quilt is going to be beautiful!

audreypawdrey said...

I love the fabric in that quilt! So pretty! It will be gorgeous.:)