Friday, December 12, 2008

Winter Chores

I thought it'd be interesting to document what I do round here in the winter. Which is basically in my book, get as many layers of clothes on that I can, get out, do the chores, and get back inside.

Todd and Tyler left for PA for the last weekend of deer season this morning. So chores were a little easier on me tonight - but not much.

2:30 - get home from work. Get the fire going, start pizza dough for dinner. Jessie is having 2 girlfriends over to spend the night. Both are great girls, but the 1 doesn't have much of a home life. Really, really nice and polite girl, but.....she was amazed the last time that she was over that people do try and have balanced meals, and dinner in our house is not frozen tv dinners every. single. night. In fact, Jessie probably doesn't know what a t.v. dinner is. From what other kids have said, you cannot get inside the house there is so much Junk/trash/clutter and they don't eat dinner at a table. They eat in the living room with the T.V. on. So I try to cook good meals when she is here, and the last few times she has even wanted to learn how to cook.

Get dressed to go outside. THis means heavy socks, sweatshirt, Columbia jacket, carhart bibs, insulated muck boots. I lost my gloves and haven't broken down and brought a new pair yet. The old ones would show up if I ever had a moment to clean out my closet.

3:00 - The chickens are laying 7 eggs a day most days. Go out, take them water. Collect eggs. Get out the 1/2 bale of shavings left, dump round for them, bring a bag of layer mash up to the chicken coop. Try to carry 50 lb. bag while also carrying a flake of hay in other hand (do you know how akward it is to bend down with a bag of grain on 1 shoulder to pick up a single flake of hay - might have been easier to carry a whole bale up there, but then Todd would know I was feeding the chickens his premium steer calf hay. Not a good idea). Give the chickens feed. Try and get a picture of my favorite rooster.

While I was in the barn getting the hay, I put hay in the horses stalls and fed the cat. We don't give our horses much grain. They are way to fat as it is. Here in another month, they may start getting a handful. We'll see how I feel about it and how they look condition wise. They do get 1 1/2 bales of timothy/alfalfa hay a day between 3 of them.

Outside dog #1

Outside dog #2

Start the water trough for the cows. Put hay in for the heifer calves. Run and get dog food for 2 outside dogs, feed them and break the ice in their water buckets.

Go back and turn off the water for the cows. Walk to barn #2 and check on the steers back there - Todd gave them hay and water this morning, so I should just have to do grain.

Back in the house by 3:25. Take off many layers of clothes. Put more wood on the woodburner - I want it cranking in here!

I'll go out about 5:00 - let the horses in, give the heifer calves and the steer calves 3 buckets of grain between them and I AM DONE FOR THE NIGHT.

The first round only took me 25 minutes. Of course, I spent about 5 minutes trying to get a picture of my favorite rooster:)

And now I have a couple hours to sew - and if the girls behave, I can sew most of the evening!

See ya,



antique quilter said...

wow I am tired and sore after reading that first set of chores!!!!
guess you get used to it and it becomes a routine for you.
do you sell your eggs or just use them for yourselves?
My children have had freinds over that never baked cookies before either... were amazed we did that ! next time them came over we baked cookies together they had so much fun.
after doing it a few times with them used to let them do it by themselves they loved it.
yes they were not used to eating dinner together as a family ... their comment was oh we only eat dinner on Sunday together the rest of the nights its more like having lunch at dinner time.
broke my heart to hear this. In reality though guess what works for each family is good for them.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a routine! Must keep you pretty fit - with all the chores. Hope you get plenty of sewing time in - thanks for sharing your routine.

Susan said...

Great picture of the rooster. You are on the go from dawn to way after dark. The two hours to stitch were a real treat.

isolada. by design said...

I so enjoyed doing chores with you! 25 minutes? Amazing. I smiled at the pictures, reflected at the positive energy surrounding you noticeable in the little things, like sneaking the chickens a bit of hay that Todd won't notice. :) It's why I like being here, every day. And it's sweet you understand one little girl's need for a normal homelife and you give her that whenever possible. Trust me. She'll remember that one day. It could make all the diffrence when she comes to make her own choices. Kris, you just reminded me what IS the spirit of Christmas. You live it every day. And you so kindly share it that we may know it. Thank you.

And I love your new background! Very cool! May your men bring home more deer that you may enjoy more yummy venison. Know a wonderful, exciting weekend. Ana :)

Lib said...

Hi Kris,
I'm worn out just
Love your new look!

Gill - That British Woman said...

gosh you are a busy bee........


Linda said...

Great read until I got to the dog part - who leaves dogs outside in this weather?

QuiltedSimple said...

Thanks everyone! Linda - we leave both dogs outside year round. they are hunting dogs, not pets, and both have insulated dog houses filled with straw which is changed on a weekly basis. We have tried bringing them into the barn - but they get to hot even in the barn. All in what they are used to. On really cold days they get fresh water 3-4 times a day.