Saturday, December 13, 2008

We would have gotten 8 eggs today

but I broke 2.

Apparently, turning the dogs' water bucket upside down and jumping up and down on it while you have 4 eggs in each pocket is NOT a good idea.

Off to wash the coat.........
Note to self - next time, take the stupid basket with you or even better yet, run the eggs into the house before doing chores.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Ok, I'm back. And I'm busy making shepherd and angel costumes for the church's Christmas play. Not terribly hard, but not terribly exciting either. Fortunately, it's just 3 shepherd costumes and 2 angel costumes. I've had Jessie's and Tyler's costumes done for some time now, but have to get the others done here before Wednesday. Tomorrow would be better but.....I'm not counting on it.

And here are what the teacher gift coasters will look like:

I tried to make the coasters coordinate color wise with the mugs (and also use fabric from my stash. This fabric is left over from my tree skirt.). Obsessive compulsive, yes.....

I decided on a mug, a coaster and a packet of either hot chocolate mix or cappucino mix for all 4 teachers. Quick, simple yet nice looking. The mugs I found at Pat Catan's for $1.00.

And Tyler and Jessie painted salt dough ornaments a couple weeks ago - I'll attach one of those to each mug. Voila.

In fact, I just may have to make a coaster for my computer desk. Being oak - it would sure benefit if I wasn't setting a hot mug of cappucino on it 24/7......


Anonymous said...

Excellent new header pic! You shouldthrow the coat in the dryer and have scrambled eggs cooked via appliance!

isolada. by design said...

I come here and each time I laugh and I smile. You just tickle me! It's just funny, too, because I was telling my husband earlier about your chores, specifically about breaking the ice in the dogs' water buckets & the deer hunting (both of which we can totally relate to) in PA. Now there are the broken eggs. That would be my luck!

The coaster is perfect, absolutely, the mugs, ornaments and hot chocolate or cappucino a nice finishing touch. I had no doubt you'd have everything ready well before Thursday. Priceless are these gifts in the most sincere blessings of the season!

From here to there with much laughter...Ana

Dawn said...

The teacher gifts are so festive and endearing -- love the salt dough ornaments! And also love your story 'bout gathering eggs -- what a funny picture that must have been! *grin*

Dawn said...

P.S. And your new look to your blog is so, so beautiful!

Gari in AL said...

I love the mug/coaster idea. I am putting it on my list of ideas for next Christmas. Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Those mugs are cute! I will
have to look for them at
Pat Catans that store is awesome!
Susan from Wooster OH

Unknown said...

I like the fabric you used for the coasters. Great present - can I have one please LOL - I LOVE hot choclate!

I will have a mug of hot choc a little later !

Great work !!

(and whoops about the egg!)

Lib said...

Sorry about the eggs!
Love the coasters!:o)

Gina said...

What great teachers presents

Love and hugs Gina xxx