Saturday, December 27, 2008


I'm back. And we had a FANTASTIC Christmas. Of course, I had to run here and there every day before Christmas was great.

We had my parents, brother, grandmother and uncle over Christmas Eve. The kids got a Wii from my grandmother, and are having so much fun with it. Jessie got the High School Musical III game, and it does lots of dancing - she works up a sweat doing it! I'm thinking of getting the Wii Fit set sometime here before too long.

We were home Christmas morning which was nice. We typically get the kids 1 big present (in the $50 range) and then get them 4 or 5 littler presents, plus their stockings. Due to some great deals, Tyler got an MP3 player for $14, Jessie got a cordless mouse for $12.....The kids LOVED their sheet blankets, although I was up until 12:30 finishing Tyler's, and there is about 5" around the very outside that I still need to quilt.

Then in the late afternoon, it was off to Todd's parents for more food, more family and more presents.

It was a fun filled two days, but I am so glad it is over until next year. Now we'll see if I can leave the tree up until New Years, or if it will come down this weekend. I love Christmas, but I want my house back.....

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Yesterday we had to take our inside dog, Abby, to the vet. She has been coughing and hacking over the last few weeks, and then Christmas Eve she just coughed and passed out a couple times. So off to the vet we went, where we found out she has extreme Congestive Heart Failure. She is old (11 1/2) so it's really no shock to us but today I will be going to Wal-mart to get her some medicine (they actually give dogs human meds for this condition) and we'll see what happens. She still gets outside and chases the guineas and rabbits so....

I'll be back later with my homemade Christmas presents and a new quilt that I started last night!



isolada. by design said...

Hi! Sounds like a wonderfully full and exciting Christmas! I've heard lots about that Wii, but didn't know quite how much fun it could be for the whole family. Maybe I should look into that, especially the Fit set. There are holiday calories to burn, that's for sure! So glad the children enjoyed ALL their gifts, including their sheet blankets. They'll love cuddling up those chilly nights. I'll look forward to hearing about your homemade presents. And a new quilt? You're amazing! It's never too early to start getting ideas for next year.

I hope Abby knows comfort and spirit these days to come. We've an 11 year old lab with her medical problems, too. Like you, we care for her, giving what meds she needs within reason, take one day at a time. She'll let us know when she's hurting beyond the day to day discomfort and we'll know what must come next. Life is...a beginning and an end. Memories and presence lives forever!

Happy weekend!


Gill - That British Woman said...

I am so glad you had a lovely Christmas. We also have the Wii, and got dh Mario Cart for the Wii.

I hope your doggy improves soon.

Gill in Canada

Kristie said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful Christmas! The kids look very happy!

I hate to hear about your dog! It is so hard when you are attached to them. I hope it gets better!

Susan said...

Seems as though a great time was had by all. Such great Christmas presents and everyone seems to be pleased with their presents.

Now that Christmas is over perhaps you can get a chance to slow down a little.

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good Christmas. Sure was warm here today! Some of my
family from WV and Michigan
were here today and we took
them to Lehmans in Kidron.
Was crowded there.
Susan from Wooster

Anonymous said...

I Hope Abby is feeling better!

Renee said...

hope your old doggy is feeling a little better. hope all goes well for her. take care.