Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pinewood Derby

Tyler joined boy scouts this year. And is absolutely loving it. But that should really come as no surprise when your Daddy was a boy scout clear up until he graduated high school and obtained the rank of Eagle Scout (5 palms). One of the activities is the Pinewood Derby. And we've had the car for it since last fall, Todd and Tyler didn't start working on it until this week. Todd had a co-worker cut the car out and sand it, and then brought it home for Tyler to finish sanding and paint.

Then Todd and Tyler attached the wheels, put weights on it (which involved a late night trip to home depot to get a wood chisel) and made sure it was ready to go.

Friday night we had to take it up to the church and get it weighed in, and Tyler was allowed to take a couple practice runs. I made him stop, as it was flipping over when it hit the end of the track it was going so fast....

Saturday we were there all afternoon. Each boy competed against his den members, and each boy got to race 4 times. Tyler managed to win all 4 races, and ended up 1st in his den!

After all 3 dens were through, he got to go through the semi-finals, where he managed to win about 1/2 of his races. He didn't place in the top 3, but he was happy with winning among his den members. He also won the award for most patriotic.

All in all, it was a fun afternoon....Tyler is ready to start working on his car for next year already.


Lib said...

Way to go Tyler!
Have agreat wk.

country mouse said...

Go Tyler, go!! He must be proud. My little guy placed 1st, 3rd,3rd, and 4th in his races and had a ton of fun. This was his first year too. I didn't get to go, but he told me all about it. Hope you and yours are having a great week!! (crazy weather and all...where did this snow come from?!? :S)

Greenmare said...

oh yes, the pinewood derby! Miss V did this way back in 3rd grade with her girl scout troop! The girl scout cars look a bit more frilly. ;-) one girl had a Barbie head glued to the top of hers. too funny!