Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Blessing my friends

In between work and basketball games and driving to and from basketball practice and decorating my house for Christmas, I am hosting a Mini Kit Young Living class on Facebook.  Notice I didn't say Christmas shopping.  I have a new rule this year - I'm buying as little as possible in stores this year.  Amazon loves me.  I think I have 3 gifts to get that I will have to physically walk into a store.  And I'm trying to figure out how to buy those 3 gifts online too.

I have a great fear of getting up in front of people and talking.  I used to not be this way.  But life and circumstances have a way of changing you sometimes

The mini-kit classes have been a huge success.  I send you samples of the oils broken up into 3 packages, along with the supplies to actually use the oils in a beneficial way (think roller bottles, bath salts, thieves cleaner, a mini DIFFUSER, etc.)

It's been fun talking to everyone and sending out these little care packages.  These oils have helped me so so much.  And I love blessing my friends with a little gift every couple of weeks.

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