Thursday, December 13, 2018

Christmas Spirit

I love Christmas.  I love everything about it.  Except the shopping.  But decorating for Christmas?  I'm all over that.  The last couple of years I haven't wanted to decorate but I have done it.  This year I felt like I was getting my mojo back.

I've really cut down on the decorations I put out.  And this year I packed most all of my everyday decorations away.  And I'm all lot more relaxed - my house isn't as cluttered.   


Of course - I had to finish painting my living room.  Granted it was only 1 wall but I had painted the other 3 walls last February.  So it really didn't take long at all. 


I think I need a few more Santa's.    


In January (well, December 30th to be exact). I'll put away all my Christmas decorations and get out all my snowmen.  But I couldn't resist putting out this runner.  Mom and I made these years ago. 


I think I have 7 or 8 nativities.  I really need a few more.  


The kids helped me decorate both trees.  Every year we talk about cutting back on the ornaments.  And somehow they make it all on the trees.


One of my first Nativities.  Jessie put out most of them for me this year.  

The dogs aren't sure abut all the decorations - the trees have taken a few serious hits recently.

This wall hanging I had hung in my kitchen every year.  I'm thinking I like it here next to my mantle. At least it covers up this big area pretty well.

Tyler has a very extensive cowboy santa collection.  My parents have gotten him quite a few over the years.  

I need to find something for this tree to use as garland.  

Jessie drew the sign for me.  This chalkboard has come in handy ever since we brought it for her grad party.  I love my mantle this year.  I'm so thankful she is good at this and likes to do things like this.

I hope everyone has a fantastic evening!!

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