Saturday, December 8, 2018

Growing Up

Can someone please tell me when my baby grew up?  Or maybe more accurately when he will stop growing?

Basketball has started.  And he is a starting player on the JV team.  Right now our JV team is 3-0.

I hope he is having the time of his life.  I could care less about the points he does or doesn't make.  What I want is for him to continue to be a good, decent human being.

Despite all the turmoil we are going through at home (more on that later - but right now it's a raw wound that we are trying to process) he still pushes through and plays hard.

It's funny - but I keep seeing him out on the court as the little boy that couldn't hit the broad side of the barn and was all gangly arms and legs.

And he would kill me for that.  But I guess at 15 1/2 and 6'4" its time he grew up.  

I just want to see both kids healthy happy and confident again.  We are getting there.

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