Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Thanks for all the get better wishes. I'm getting better and ready or not, in 48 hours we will be on the road.

THis weekend was a rainy one! LOTS of mud here round the place.

But one horse is now gone. They came and spent about 2 hours riding her on Sunday afternoon (in the rain) and like I figured, the little girl fell in love with her. Which makes it all that much better. Todd delivered Shamy Monday night (I stayed home with the kids due to my neck pain and both kids having homework), which worked out good as Todd was over there until after 11:00 as they had a sow having a litter of baby pigs when he got there. Todd talked to Carl yesterday, they were already riding her and loving on her. So that is a very good thing.

We did build a leprechaun trap for Tyler to take into kindergarten as his March project.

I wonder if the leprechaun's visited - I'll find out when I go into his class party this afternoon:)

I'm off to another chiropractor visit later on this morning. Then I have to go this afternoon to deliver the rest of the girl scout cookies that Jessie sold and buy puppy chow, a leash and a smaller kennel.


Nancy M. said...

Glad you're feeling a little better! I love the leprechaun trap! How cute!

Michelle said...

That leprechaun trap is the cutest idea! I'm glad to hear that you're feeling a bit better. Rest up and take it easy!!!