Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gearing Up...

Wow. In 9 days Todd and I will be driving to Minnesota to pick up our puppy.

9 days.

Today, my Durango is in the shop getting checked out. When I had new tires put on it last december, they said something about the tie rods and ball joints needing to be fixed/replaced. Whatever. I'll get to it in good time.

But...with driving 13 hours (962 some odd miles) one way. We had better get them fixed. And they might as well change the oil, rotate the tires and check all the hoses. I would seriously HATE to be broke down somewhere far far away on Friday night.

I'm not sure yet what route we will be taking - either into Iowa and up north to Belle Plaine MN or across Wisconsin. Anyone out there want to meet up for a brief visit while we are either coming or going? If you Map Quest West Salem, OH to Belle Plaine MN, it tells us to take the northern route. But Todd said something about taking the southern route across 80 into Iowa.

And I have already let it be know that if I have a chance to stop for a little bit and visit or find a cool shop somewhere - we will be stopping. And you know on the way home with a 7 week old puppy, there will be lots of stops.

Now if I could just get the cargo area of the durango cleaned out so we could put the puppy kennel, and get my projects ready for this trip I'd be all set.


sugarcreekfarm said...

Well, this quilt shop is a little out of your way but so worth the detour :)

Cute puppies!

em's scrapbag said...

Wish I was on your way. But Utah would be a bit of a detour. Enjoy your new puppy.