Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Meet Barlie

It was a wonderful drive, but llllloooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggggggg!

The mom and dad of our puppy.

Add to the fact, I had to do some driving, means I didn't get a whole lot of crafty time. Which is OK, as my neck and back would have rioted if I had tried to do any more.
And yes, her name is now Barlie, which in german means "little bear." So she fits right into our Bair (pronounced just like the animal) family. Thanks Mary for the reminder to post what breed she is - she is a German Wirehair Pointer, and will hopefully be a good little pheasant/bird hunting dog here later on this summer/fall.

I didn't take any pictures of scenery. 1 - I drove through all of Indiana and most all of Wisconsin and I didn't think Todd would appreciate my skills driving down the road at 75 mph and taking pictures; and 2 - as we went through Chicago on Friday, I was just praying that some of the idiots would avoid us. The rest of the time? I was knitting or it was dark.

However, I did get quite a bit done in the two days - most of the back of a sweater I am test knitting for Thea Coleman - Calvados:

I just have 2 more inches to do on the sleeves and the back is done and I will move onto the fronts. It was hard to get a good picture of the yarn color wise, but think varigated green, brown, beige and grey and you'll get the idea:)
While we were involved in some marathon driving, the kids went to my parents house and Jessie made candy with Grandma. Homemade peanut butter cups. Which were so good, the ones that I brought home when I picked them up were gone in....about 10 minutes after walking in the door. So last night, rather than cook dinner, I made these:

You can find the recipe here. Although I did BIG ones, and used crunchy peanut butter. And out of the 24 that I made (I had to triple the recipe), I think we may have 13 or 14 left.

Have a good one,



country mouse said...

What a cute addition to the family! Glad the trip went well, and that you are all home safe and sound. Your new project looks great, can't wait to see the finished sweater. And the peanut butter cups look delicious!! Gonna have to make some of those myself ;cD

Libby said...

Oh welcome little Barlie! What a cutie *s*

Mary Q said...

Kris, Barlie is adorable!! I'm not sure what breed of puppy she is so post that along with more photos, okay? We have a new puppy, too, a little chocolate Lab girl named Jazz, almost 4 months. I forgot how much work puppies are which you'll also quickly find out! It's well worth it, though, as you integrate your new little girl into your family. Glad the three of you survived your trip well, and now all the best with your puppy!

Lib said...

Barlie is Beautiful.
Love the other pix. too.
You are Busy!
Have agreat wk.

stitchersanon said...

awwww...how cute! She is lovely. Congrats on your new edition to the family ;-)

Dena said...

Barlie is adorable! Sounds as though you had quite the road trip to pick her up. I'm sure she'll make a great addition to your family.