Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Don't let these puppy dog eyes fool you!

She already knows to stop what she is doing and pose for the camera. Right before this picture, she was trying her darndest to grab ahold of Todd's hand.

She tries to look so innocent. Last night the kids were watching TV and apparently she thought they should be paying more attention to her. Let's just say the newspaper met a quick death right in front of both kids. Which then resulted in them chasing her around the house while she spread the shredded newspaper everywhere.
She's already practicing her stalking/pointing skills.....on the cat. Which is pretty funny when the cat turns around and stalks her right back.

When Todd's grandmother passed away last December, the job of cleaning out the house fell to Todd's mom and Aunt. These are just one of the many treasures they found:

Right now they are at my house to be repaired, and then Todd's mom will be getting them quilted. To think, they were shoved in a brown paper bag in the corner of the chicken coop where she stored a bunch of stuff. I think they are gorgeous!

Thank you for all the commnents on my thrifty finds! I'm loving old junk right now that is a fraction of the cost of something new that I can make my "own." I did go back and get the medicine cabinet. And of course (?!?!) I forgot to take a picture of it. Right now it's a baby blue (blech) but if my planning holds, come friday it will be white. I'll try and take a picture tonight.

The other exciting thing we are hopefully doing this weekend? Well, besides the early morning Sunday service at church and dinner at my parents house? New laminate floors in at least 1 of the kids rooms. I think I've mentioned before, I am not a pink kinda girl. And our carpets when we moved in were all a dusty mauve. Well, the bedroom carpets are getting pretty disgusting (cheap carpet that is PINK) and when i was at Home Depot the other day, I found laminate flooring on clearance - for 49 cents a square foot! While my first choice would be carpeting, we did the math, and I cannot possibly replace two bedrooms with new carpet for $180, can I?

I love the color of this. I do have off work for Good Friday, but am also taking a half a day off on Thursday. It's my plan to finish painting Tyler's room (all the nicks he's put into his walls) clean out his room and we can start laying the floor sometime Friday and Saturday. Jessie's room will have to wait as she is getting a new bed from Todd's grandmother's house and we have to wait for it to make it's way here. And I'm not taking down her waterbed to lay the floor, and then putting her waterbed back up - which is what she wanted me to do:).

Have a good tuesday!


Shorty said...

The quilt tops are gorgeous! I think it is so wonderful to find treasures like that... especially when you have a historical link to where they've come from. I hope the repair process is an easy one for you.

Love the puppy pics!

audreypawdrey said...

The quilt tops are great! I am glad they will find a new life with you repairing them.

It will be so much easier to keep the floors clean with the laminate instead of carpet. We don't have any carpet in our house, and I love it!

Lib said...

The Furry kid is Precious!
LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the quilts! So happy you have them!
You will Love the floors. We put new ones in last summer.Keeps me busy sweeping and mopping ,but sure makes you wonder ALL this Living in the carpet?lol Our allergies are mcuh better also.
Glad youre enjoying you thrifty finds. Its wonderful your making your home "YOURS" not a carbon copy od someone elses!:o)
Have a great wk.

Vintage Girl said...

I had to chuckle at the puppy antics, they are so smart aren't they? Oh my, what beautiful quilts, I'm so happy you are bringing them to life again...what history in those quilts. Wishing you luck on your flooring, it really freshens up a room with new flooring. Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Heather

Anonymous said...

Great finds!!! Quilts & flooring, both!!!

Anonymous said...

Great finds!!! Quilts & flooring, both!!!

Anonymous said...

Great finds!!! Quilts & flooring, both!!!

Nancy M. said...

Those are going to be beautiful quilts! How awesome that they were found! I would love to have that kind of flooring for my kids rooms. They can make such a mess!

marit said...

That is one seriously cut puppy!

Gorgeous quilttops! It's great that they will be finished and put to use.

We moved into a new house 4 years ago, and we have "real" floors all over, no carpets anywhere, it is so much easier to sweep and clean! You can always use a small rug in front of the bed...

Great thriftfinds too. Looking forward to seeing that medicinecabinet!

Libby said...

Puppy eyes look innocent . . . but they lie *s*

Dena said...

Kris, those quilt tops are gorgeous! I can't believe they were found stuffed in a paper bag in the chicken coop. Great find.