Tuesday, January 22, 2008

January 22, 2008

Have I mentioned that we also have 2 horses? Soon to be 3? I showed Paint horses on the central Ohio circuit for a number of years, until having kids, but have hung onto my last show horse, a now 15 year old mare (YIKES!!! She cannot possibly be that old) and her 1/2 sister, a 8 year old breeding stock paint mare. My old show, Shamy, was the greatest - she was trained for bridleless western pleasure, and basically is a get on, go down the rail do the work kind of horse.
Jessie is into riding horses big time. . . .

Well, my parents had a brief vision of raising Paint horses, but when the bottom fell out of the market (so to speak) they were left with a cute yearling mare:

Who is maybe(?) going to come to our house to be Jessie’s future horse. I know, I am insane for thinking young horse, very young rider . . .but the thing is, Shamy will not be around for forever to babysit her. And while Shamy has many wonderful traits and qualities (bomb proof really does come to mind), she is an extremely rough horse to ride in a western pleasure lope. So I’m thinking, that at 35, I could possibly put some time in on this young horse for a few years, let Jessie show Shamy walk-trot for a few years, and maybe, just maybe, this filly and Jessie will click eventually.

Hard to believe we have finally gotten a little bit of snow on the ground here. The cows aren’t minding it, the horses and dogs don’t mind, and the kids sure do love the snow.
I’ve been toying with a quilt pattern for Tyler’s bed, using this fabric:

and alternating 9 patch blocks from the solid fabrics with solid blocks out of the firetruck fabric. Todd is a volunteer firefighter, and Tyler is so into anything firetruck/firefighter related. Tyler keeps asking about "his quilt," having seen the flip flop one I did for Jessie, so I really ought to get working on it very quickly. I had hoped to keep it back for his April birthday, but that may not happen.

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Granny Lyn said...

You are amazing,,,how do you run a farm, raise children, show horses,and I gotta tell ya, your house looks clean as a whistle,,??? Plus you have time to quilt and visit my little blog? whew, I'm worn out just thinking about all of it!!
and I love the blues and reds for the new quilt!