Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ohio Weather

The weather here in Ohio has been from one extreme to the other, Monday it was about 50 degrees, today we will be lucky to hit 20 degrees. This was Todd's last weekend's project - splitting all this wood:

Weather permitting, we will be stacking all of this wood in the wood shed this weekend (you can just barely see it behind the truck). Tyler has been "helping" to stack wood the last few days, but unfortunately, his version of stacking wood and ours don't agree. But at 4, he tries.

I must say though, I have not gotten ANY sewing done. We've been rather busy. My sister had surgery yesterday and today, so Tuesday night I took the kids up to her house to see her, which meant by the time we got home, it was bath and bedtime, and I was so tired that I just fell into bed. Then yesterday, I got home from work, and called/emailed everyone in the family to let them all know how her surgery went (the first part went fabulous, on to the second part today), and realized that Saturday is Groundhog's Day.

In our family (as my Todd's family is from Punxsutawney, PA), groundhogs day is VERY important. So I made grounhog cut out sugar cookies (and frosted them with chocolate sprinkles). Each kid is taking groundhog cookies, groundhog napkins and cups and a groundhogs day book for their respective classes (and of course, wearing their groundhog's day tshirts). We went to PA after christmas, and actually went to Gobbler's Knob to see the groundhog:

I did finally find on my computer the picture of my darling niece, Avery, and the 3 foot raggedy ann doll I made her for christmas - Guess I had better start on Andy next:

Isn't she adorable (the girl, not the doll, but I am pretty impressed with the doll as well!!)?
Stay warm,


Anonymous said...

cpkwbqAwww! Both those little dollies are adorable. ;) I'm very impressed with you sewing and quilting skills. I lack that talent big time. Very impressive!

Anonymous said...

LOL! sorry about the gobbledy-gook at the beginning of my comment. Those word verification things can be quite tricky!! :)