Friday, January 25, 2008

Sick Day

Jessie was sick yesterday - so that meant a day off work for me!!! Which was nice, as I got the house cleaned up (sort of) and started on Tyler's quilt for his bed. It's going together quick, and it would be going much faster if I hadn't cut it out wrong. Oh well, it will all work out in the end. And since I cut it out wrong, it reinforces my feelings that I would rather do the quilting over the piecing any day.

Jessie was laying on the couch yesterday, and she asks me, "how many animals can I show in 4-H next year?" I told her we would have to see, and we would have to start looking at calves this year for next years steer project if she wanted to take a steer. Her response was: "I'm showing a beef steer, a dairy steer, a feeder calf, a veal calf, a pig a sheep and a horse, and since Daddy always says 2 will grow better than 1, I will be showing 2 of each of these animals." All I could do was stand there in shock thinking of all of this. It does help raising our own beef - she has a ready made supply of steers to show at the fair (not grand champion material, but at 9, we won't be out for the grand) and we have family members and friends that raise dairy and pigs but still. . . . that is a lot of animals for a 1st year shower to take to the fair - translation - a lot of work for Mom and Dad. At least I convinced her that she shouldn't show rabbits and chickens. . . .

I did spend some time online looking at seed catalogs - getting ready for gardening season. Last year I started some plants from seed, without success, but this year I joined childreninthecorn's take 5 gardening group - and am going to give it another go. Now it if would just warm up a little, life would be great.

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Granny Lyn said...

You are amazing with all the things you accomplish!
Jesse is lucky to have a role model like you

and...on top of all that, I need pictures of Tyler's quilt..tee hee