Thursday, January 31, 2008

Family Fun Pictures

Wow - 2 posts in 1 day - I must be either very bored, on a roll or insane!!!

In reality though, we have gotten the orders here at work to clean up our computers, and remove some of our unnecessary files that are cluttering up our hard drives - while I do not believe that the 200+ pictures of my kids are unnecessary, and in fact, are vital to me to work - I can see their point. So I thought I'd post these so family can enjoy the views:

I make the kids halloween costumes every year - this year we had the victorian era girl and a pirate (in years past we have had: a devil, a bear, raggedy ann, a ladybug, a firefighter, a football player, a cheerleader, a fairy princess and sleeping beauty)

My in-laws raise miniature donkeys - the above donkey is Jay-Jay, whom all the grandkids enjoy driving up and down the driveway in the cart. Cute little buggar. . . They also have an in ground swimming pool, so it's a guarantee that our kids will know how to swim (while they may not earn any medals, they will at least be safe (or as safe as we can teach them! - and I don't know how to flip pictures around, so the one will have to live being sideways - sorry about that!)
These 2 I just love because they remind me of fun times. Since Todd is a volunteer firefighter, we do quite a bit with the other members of the fire department - this was our family picnic in July. They were trying to clean out a buildup of dirt and stones in the creek, and the other one is a water barrel fight (official name practice control of a fire hose - unofficial name - getting soaked). Todd is the one holding the hose in the right of the picture with the blue tshirt on.
Looking at these pictures makes me wish it were summertime now. . . .

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Anonymous said...

How adorable!! fun and family, two of my favorite things,,,,,and you are so lucky to abe able to mess around with it at work!!!
thnks for sharing!