Friday, January 11, 2008

History Lesson

I've been working on pin basting the quilt that apparently my Great-Grandmother pieced in 1947-1950's. It was funny, really. I've washed that quilt top several times, run it through my dryer, hung it on the line in the summer time, wadded it up, thrown it in a trunk - and it's still in such good shape. The fabric is fragile, but holding together amazingly well. So last night I get out my cutting table, fasten the backing down, smooth the batting over it, put the quilt top on and . . . .

I can still see my great grandmother's stencil marks on MOST of the blocks. She marked her quilt tops with every day pencils, and the markings are still there. Faint, to be sure, but you can quite clearly see the flower design she had planned to use.

Todd doesn't get too excited about my sewing projects, other than he will offer encouragement and help out when the going gets rough (like on the Raggedy Ann hair). But last night, he got a flashlight and we looked all over this quilt and you could see very faint markings in the borders (the pale yellow fabric helps the pencil blend in). Originally, I was going to just do some simple quilting designs (stitch in the ditch around the blocks) but now. . . .I am wondering if I shouldn't try to duplicate what she had started. Of course, this is leading on a search (perhaps fruitless) of what quilting motiff would it have been exactly, and how in the world do I go about duplicating it?

On the farm front, no babies yet. Our Christmas calf is getting playful. We've enjoyed several days this week in the mid 60's, now its back down to 30's.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! I know I will, because I will be home with my husband and kids. . .

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ahhh, between the newbie blogging and the granny stories, we have a lot in common, I saw your comment on the coaster swap, so we're on the way to blog-heaven, tee hee