Saturday, November 1, 2008

Candy & Cabbage

Last night was trick or treating at my parents' house - we always go with some friends up there - the kids come home with lots of great loot! At least we had a beautiful night for it - it was in the 60's when we were out there walking around.

Some of the houses go all out with their Halloween decorations:

And of course, Todd and Tyler had to check out all that chocolatey goodness in Jessie's pumpkin when we got home:

And then today, after my 2 1/2 hours of running errands, I ended up at the Amish produce stand. 7 heads of cabbage later, I'm in the process of making saurkraut:

Now it has to sit somewhere at room temperature for 10 days. The deal breaker is you have to keep an eye on it and keep adding brine to it during the 10 days. Then process in a hot water bath and you have yummy, easy to make saurkraut!

And last but not least, guess who's been sleeping in our house this afternoon (and yes, the kids put their blankets on him because he was cold):
I think he's bound and determined that he should be a house cat!


isolada. by design said...

Glad it was a fun night! That is some spider web & spider. Freaky cool!

No doubt the ready-to-make saurkraut will be delicious.

Enjoy a good November day! And the time change!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your kitten looks to have made himself at home!! Your halloween looks very enjoyable - your children look great all dressed up. You must have the best stocked pantry with all of your lovely jars of home made goodness.

Winifred said...

He's a lovely cat!

Oh! Is it a he?

Lib said...

Hi Kris,
Glad ya'll had a good time.
I make kraut too.I love it. I like to cut up onions, bell peppers, and polish sausage with mine.
Looks like the cat is right at home inside.:o)
Have a great wk.end!

Granny Lyn said...

Bet the kids had a "tricky" time, treating...

and you got to catch up with a friend,,,always a good time!

That kitty is awesome!! he was born to be a house kitty!! Barn-mousing is all work and no fun


Anonymous said...

I am glad you and your family had a good time! Nice Holloween decorations.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Kris!

Sounds like you guys had a fun Halloween. I like the decorations.
Cutie kitty in the blanket!

(Thanks your comment on my blog and sorry to be late back to you!)

Anonymous said...

We failed making kraut this year...this may be a neat way to do it...but why do you have to add more brine periodically? Does the cabbage absorb it?