Tuesday, November 25, 2008


The snow is pretty...but the rain yesterday sure wasn't. Especially since it is just warm enough to turn everything to mud. Fortunately, we are back to snow here in Wayne County, Ohio today, and while I don't like the cold, I will take snow over rain any day.

We've finally gotten up around 2 doz. eggs - and Tyler so badly wants to sell a dozen, so I think Todd took a dozen to work today - he has people asking every day when "Tyler's eggs" will be ready - I think he figured it out - he could sell 5-7 dozen eggs a week just at his work. They are giving us about 2-3 eggs a day now. I spent some time out there after work yesterday putting a timer on the heat lamp to give them enough "light." And also to keep it warm for them out there. The chicken coop was made out of rough cut lumber, so it's not exactly "wind tight."

And the chickens think it's fun to swing on the hanging feeder:

And I never showed a picture of the new bull. This is David:

He got his head stuck in the headgates the first night we had him when we went to feed the cows. He's got a rather large head. At least he was calm while we took the headgates apart to free him.

And this is what I've been keeping going. We've figured it out - and if we load it up right before going to bed, and I get out of bed when my alarm clock goes off and start it up again....we can keep it running 24/7 and our furnace won't kick on:

Doesn't look like it's doing much, but it was rip-roaring in here last night. In the room where this woodburner is, it was 87 degrees last night. It's taken a couple years, but we've finally figured out how to run the fans in the house, what size wood to put in it, what kind of wood to put in it and all that fun stuff.
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isolada. by design said...

What fun I had reading this morning. I love all the pictures! I'm tickled Tyler finally has a dozen eggs to sell and I laughed out loud about poor David getting stuck his very first night home.

A woodburner is so toasty and saves so much, doesn't it? I loved the one we had in the house we lived in up until about 5 years ago. Load it up, get the fans blowing and watch the indoor thermometer soar! :) Ana

Niki said...

We're on the same learning curve with out wood stove and a fireplace with an insert and fan. Same as you if we load it up at night, and get going early, it's going around the clock. We haven't had our furnace on yet this year!!! (very pleased about that...the cost of propane is sooo high)

Anonymous said...

Great pics kris. We're so not there yet on the woodstove, but this is our first year andn we only have the deadwood that was given to us, so we wouldn't make it year round on our stash as it is.

Great news on Tyler's egg business!! Is he as excited about the eggs as I thought he'd be?

try raising the food up so that they can just get their heads in there to feed, it may help with the roosting! :)

Lib said...

Hi Kris,
Too early for snow.lol
Glad you're getting enough eggs to sell:o)
Don't you just Love a wood burner!:o)
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

David sort of looks like an oreo in that pic...dark-light-dark!

Cool on the woodburner. We have a fireplace we don't use and I would love to find a used stove to put in its place. I like a good hot house!

Kathy said...

What great pictures. That stove looks so cozy -- wish I was there to sit around it with a cup of hot chocolate, some handwork, and a good visit!

Good luck to Tyler with his eggs.

jacquie said...

my parents have had their woodburner for 15 years and they still don't have it figured out.

Granny Lyn said...

awww...Tell Tyler we're proud of his chickens, they are doing exactly what they should be doing,,,tee hee

Those wood stoves are toasty, aren't they? I had a hard time regulating them, I am one of those people who get wayyyyy too hot...whew!!!

SewAmy said...

oh my goodness, I love the chicken swing on the feeder. How cute. I have a thing for chickens anyway. :o)