Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend in Review

Tyler's teachers loved their quilts. Jessie's teacher loved hers. The other room Mom and I had a picnic for them on Friday afternoon - with a water balloon toss, sack race, bubble gum blowing contest and egg carrying in spoon race. The kids had a blast.

Friday night saw our 4th calf of the year be born - ANOTHER heifer. She's cute, healthy and mom is good with her. We kept them in Friday night and Saturday - and then tossed her butt out in the field with everyone else. She has incredibly long legs.

And I caught Tyler doing this Friday afternoon:

My garden is totally planted! It may never look this nice again.

32 roma tomato plants, 12 hillbilly tomato plants, 4 pepper plants (so far), 3 cherry tomato plants, 2 crook neck yellow squash plants, zuccinni, pumpkins, sweet corn, green beans, beets and 50 sweet onions.

And I have 3 new flower beds. But only 2 are mine to take care of. A few years ago we saw a flower bed with field corn, soybeans and wheat in it. And Tyler wanted to do this. So we yanked out a bush and 3 gigantic hostas, and Tyler and Todd planted field corn and soybeans in it. Here in a few months we will plant some wheat, and he can do this again next year.

I spent all day yesterday digging flowers, moving flowers, weeding.....my SIL and MIL came up and took truckloads of flowers. Some of my flower beds I have had for 5 or 6 years and things were getting rather large. And I was threatening to roundup everything and start over, which they couldn't bear to see happen. Of course, when we moved the hostas, my SIL was there. This is from 4 hosta, and she took home just as much with her if not more. So you get the idea on how large they were.

I put an herb garden in under the purple martin housing - which we now have at least 3 pairs of purple martins. We had to forcibly evict some tree swallows, but....

Last year I had my herbs out in the garden, but when we tilled the garden up for the winter, the herbs got tilled up too. I still have to get a few more plants.

The ponds are still not finished - hopefully this evening we can get them finished. I am anxious to get mulch spread around and be done for the most part.....

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