Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kiss A Fish

Yes, that is my 2 1/2 year old niece kissing the fish she caught when we went fishing. Ugh.

We've been doing LOTS of fishing lately. The kids, their cousins, their cousins cousins. Good thing all these kids get along. 7 kids, 8 adults.

And Jessie caught a BIG catfish. With Daddy's help - her lightweight pole just handled it.

The first night, all the kids caught 2-3 bluegill each (and the catfish). And it's been that way every time since.

Of course, they all want to catch catfish now.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes. It was a fun day, filled with yarn shopping, fishing and a cookout. I did catch 2 fish myself. But I didn't bait the hook or take the fish off. Between Jessie, Tyler and I - we kept Todd busy baiting our hooks and removing the fish. So much so, the guys left at 10:00 that night to go catfish fishing and were out until 1:30.


Janice said...

Hello!! It was so fun to look through your blog and see what you have been doing. Happy late Birthday!! Your garden looks great.
What a fun fishing trip. I have never seen anyone ever kiss a fish. Glad I can say I have.
That is to funny.
Keep enjoying the summer and I'm glad to be back to blogland and see what my blog friends are doing.
Thanks for your comment today it really meant a lot. My heart is full today.
Oh, I was glad to see a picture of you. I could so love being your neighbor. Have a great week!!

Small House said...

OH MY WORD....I can't believe how behind I am on blogging. Glad you had a happy birthday!!! And the fish picture is gross. But...CUTE!

You were right, I have never seen a picture of you! It was fun putting a face to such a fun blog.
Hope you have a nice day.

Cheryl said...

Oh shoot, I didn't wish you a happy birthday... well, late birthday wishes just make it stretch out longer, right? So happy birthday!

Scrappy quilter said...

Glad to see you guys are having fun fishing. Our family loves fishing. One of our older boys caught a huge catfish once in the Red River. It was gross!!!

It's too hot here to fish at the river right now. Once it's this hot, the fish don't bite and aren't good to eat.

have a wonderful fun filled summer.

stitchersanon said...

Buggerit, I missed your birthday! Hope you had a good one. I love fishing too. The first time I caught a carp, all these fishermen told me to put my thumb in its mouth to keep it still whilst having a photo taken. I thought they were winding me up..but they werent. I had my thumb sucked by a fish lol...moderately better than kissing one....ewwwwww

Patty said...

When I was growing up we fished all the time; Perch was the main fish we caught and ate. My mom always cooked the fish in a cast iron skillet over an open flame. Yummy, I miss fresh fish!

Granny Lyn said...

A kiss to a fish isn't bad,,,my son at age two caught a fish, and when we asked him if he wanted to take it home and eat it, he BIT right into it,,,I had a kiniption!! tee hee,,,,kids, what ya gonna do?

I absolutely LOVE seing what you look like after all this time,,,and I'm right, Jesse looks more like your sister than she does you!! tee hee, bet you hear that all the time, huh?

Nancy M. said...

My husband and son love fishing. I used to love it too, but I must be old and tired now. I'd rather stay home, lol!

isolada. by design said...

The fishing sounds like so much fun, Kris! Tell Jessie...way to go! So glad you had a great birthday. Don't stop celebrating quite yet!

Happy summer days!

Ana :)

Susan said...

You didn't go fishing, you went CATCHING. My husband fished a lot but caught little.