Thursday, April 17, 2008

Another Gorgeous Day

I'm not going to speak very loudly, but I think I need a day of rain:)

I put both kids on the bus this morning, and headed to Aldi's to do my grocery shopping. What an experience. I usually either have - both kids with me (wanting all the candy they can stuff into their little mouths) or I was trying to do it on my lunch 1/2 hour (I worked right across the street) and would end up forgetting a ton of things. So if my calculations are correct, I won't have to go back for at least 3 weeks, unless it's for the basics like milk and eggs.

Today, I had 2 hours until I had to pick Tyler up - I found so many things that I didn't realize Aldi's carried, because I had time. And I had a cart full of food (heaped full) for about 1/2 of what I would normally spend.

This afternoon I cleaned out my water garden. I spent a couple hours draining some of the water out of it, cleaning all the leaves out, putting new water in, repotting my plants - basically puttering around enjoying the sunshine (76 degrees). I played in my flower beds - cleaning out more of the dead stuff from last summer, and Tyler hauled mulch onto my concrete patio:)

A good friend and I are taking a road trip to southern Ohio tomorrow to go to a water garden center (supposedly they have over 150 display ponds) to see what is what. I don't think we'll be able to buy anything (I'm not sure fish or marsh plants would survive a 2 hour car trip home), but it will be fun to get some ideas for our water gardens. I so love to take garden tours in the summer - to see what everyone else is doing/putting together/making the most of what they have.

Then Tyler and I went on a bike ride (for him) and a walk for me. Our road is so not busy - all told we biked/walked 2 miles - and saw not 1 car. I so love where we live - quiet little neighborhood.

This is coming up our driveway - about 50 feet in -

I love it that you can't see our house from the road -

we get no one coming up to sell us anything.

Then tonight when I was doing chores (Todd is again working late), this little calf thought he had a new pen:

Funny how they all love to go in the roundbale feeder when it is empty, but try and get them to go through the creep feed gate and it's like pulling teeth. They must be like little kids - they like what they aren't supposed to.

And yes, they are out of hay, but they are going to have to stay that way until Todd gets home in a few hours - the skidloader and I cannot come to an understanding when I try to help out and run it for anything.

Be back later,

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Christina said...

A water garden - how nice. It seems like the fish and plants will have traveled much longer than two hours to get to the store, so I'd be optimistic that they'd make it home with you!